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Populum Review

All great CBD companies are somewhat alike; they use organically-grown ingredients, send their products for 3rd party lab tests, and offer customer satisfaction guarantee; Populum does it all.

Thanks to their transparency, they have been able to formulate winning products, and have attracted a loyal customer base.

CBD is versatile and may be ingested in several ways, but Populum uses its innovativeness to push back boundaries and come up with new CBD products.

Their products are effective at managing numerous health problems, but unlike drugs, there are no adverse side effects.

CBD may be consumed by people of all ages, but as long as you stick to the recommended dosage, you should see anticipated results in as short as a week.

What Populum Offers

We determine company innovativeness by how its products function, but Populum consistently aims higher with its products.

It has an impressive collection of CBD products that people use for health improvement; specially formulated, diverse ingestion methods, thus enabling more people to warm up to CBD.

CBD oil: this is the most common product because of its ease of ingestion and the resultant sky-high bioavailability. They can be raw or infused with different flavors.

CBD capsules: CBD is enclosed by a gelatinous material, and upon swallowing a CBD capsule, it gets metabolized and the molecules are released into the bloodstream.

Hemp rub: if you have an achy back or a swollen neck, you may manage the condition by rubbing the gel onto the affected area. It contains not just CBD but also essential nutrients.

CBD Face oil: looking to have a glossy, hydrated, and supple face? Just use CBD face oil.

Calming hemp oil: if you usually have anxiety attacks, you may use this hemp oil to induce calmness and relaxation in your brain.

Pet CBD set: the pet CBD set will help keep your pets in perfect health.

Why Is Populum Getting Popular?

In Latin, the term populum translates as “for the people.”

Guhnee Park and Ola Olusoga, the owners of Populum, admit that they wanted to create a customer-centric business.

Their objective is to obliterate the centuries-old stigma attached to hemp and get the world to see hemp for what it is: an amazing plant from Mother Nature with endless therapeutic benefits.

Its industrial hemp is sourced from Colorado plantations, and with every successful product launch, it is advancing toward its goals.

If you’re new to CBD, you may not know what products suit you, but Populum will assist you if you contact them either by sending an email to or calling 855-872-2772.

Their products have great potency, meaning that you’ll enjoy the rapid onset of effects, and the products may last you decidedly longer.

Their products are based on full-spectrum CBD oil, which is the more popular form of CBD with an entourage effect.

Pros of Populum

  • Locally-grown industrial hemp. Populum is not some shady company that wants to maximize its earnings while risking its customers’ health by importing synthetic hemp from South East Asia. They use domestically-grown, non-GMO hemp to create winning products.
  • Specially-formulated. The company uses top facilities to process its products, eliminate unwanted substances, and increase the potency of CBD.
  • Populum ambassador. In these tough economic times, you’d appreciate an easy way of making chums. Have you got a social media presence? Doesn’t have to be big! But at least your audience should be responsive. Apply to be a Populum ambassador and get those darn commissions.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you find the product disappointing, you are protected by a no-questions money-back guarantee. Of course, you must meet their terms.

Cons of Populum

  • Poor website design. It’s not so bad that you cannot navigate, but on the whole, the way their website is constructed leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Poor social media handling. They are not aggressively fighting for social media space for their brand and that’s leaving a ton of money on da table.


Created in 2016, Populum is managed by experts; they have a people-first philosophy, and the company is expanding at an incredible rate.

They use organically-grown industrial hemp from Colorado farmers, and their products are processed in GMP-certified facilities.

If you are looking for high-quality CBD products from a company that puts the needs of the customer first, you cannot go wrong with Populum. Check them out.

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