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Piecemaker Silicone Bong Review

The piecemaker silicone bong is a top-tier water pipe with cool aesthetics and convenience. Created with virtually indestructible materials, the piecemaker silicone bong is built to last.

This bong is designed to provide delicious cannabis tokes. It has an ergonomic mouthpiece that guarantees perfect inhalation, plus a removable downstem that allows customized hits.

With its bold and thick appearance, the piecemaker silicone bong embodies next-level bong architecture. People like it for the great hits, grip, and zero chances for splashing bong water.

Features of Piecemaker Silicone Bong

The piecemaker silicone bong is lively, customizable, and has got a sturdy build; which are clear signs of quality bong fabrication. It’s an excellent bong for traveling around with.

Whether you like using silicone bongs for smoking dry herbs or concentrates, there’s a likelihood that you prefer specific features in certain bong parts, especially the downstem.

The piecemaker silicone bong has a range of impressive features, and there are a few removable parts, which allow you to add customizations, thus aligning the bong to your taste.

The following are some of the features of the piecemaker silicone bong:

✅ Solid and stable, with a flat and wide base

✅ Built with platinum-cured silicone

✅ Zero splashback and zero clog

✅ Virtually indestructible

✅ Varied color combinations

✅ Compact size and lightweight for easy traveling

✅ Customizable downstem and bowl

✅ Carb for enhancing bong hits

✅ Exquisite design

Pros and Cons of Piecemaker Silicone Bong

Whether you’re getting started as a hemp bud smoker or you’re a veteran in the game, the piecemaker silicone bong is appealing to both parties, as it delivers juicy cannabis tokes.

When examining the utility or worthiness of a bong, one of the important factors to consider is the material that the bong is made of. The piecemaker silicone bong is made of cured silicone.

Food-grade silicone is typically sturdy. So, even if you drop it on the floor after a drink, the bong won’t crack or shatter. If your life involves travels, you can bring your piecemaker silicone bong.

The following are some of the pros and cons of the piecemaker silicone bong:

Relatively cheaper❌ Slightly off taste
Highly durable
Highly flexible

How to Use the Piecemaker Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are designed to cool the smoke and filter out impurities, thus delivering generous and delicious cannabis tokes. The piecemaker silicone bong is exemplary.

Whether you’re only starting or are a veteran smoker, you will appreciate the simplicity of using the piecemaker silicone bong. All instructions are provided in the manual that accompanies it.

1. Check to see that all parts of the bong are complete

2. Put water into the base until two-thirds full

3. Check to see that the water isn’t excessive

4. Secure the bong onto a stable and flat area

5. Crowd the bowl with your favorite dry herbs

6. Install the bowl onto the downstem

7. Light the bowl and allow the herb to burn

8. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and drag

Maintenance Tips for Piecemaker Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are indeed built to last, but this is not an invitation to handle them roughly. Certain procedures are critical in preserving the integrity of your piecemaker silicone bong.

1. Clean your bong regularly

2. To remove stains, use isopropyl alcohol

3. After each use, always remove dry herbs and then rinse

4. Avoid making it vulnerable to abrasions

5. Avoid exposing your bong to excessive heat

With a silicone bong, you can enjoy your favorite dry herbs in style. The piecemaker silicone bong is not just cool and stylish, but also highly convenient. Check it out.