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Out & About CBD Review

People with same-sex attraction have historically been on the receiving end of discrimination. Out & About CBD aligns itself with the LGBT community.

In the present world, coming out as gay is not as life-threatening as it used to be decades ago, but still, there be homophobes to watch out for.

With its premium hemp products, Out & About is doing more than enhancing peoples’ moods, sleep quality, and sex life; it is making a statement that it’s okay to be attracted to the same sex.

They have a growing volume of 5-star ratings from their customers, and this company is creating an impact with its quality products and message.

What Out & About CBD Offers

Tinctures: their fast-absorbing tinctures are vegan-friendly, and they don’t contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or additives. They have an extensive cannabinoid profile.

Gummies: if you intend to vacay this summer, make sure to bring some hemp gummies for that extra energy, bright moods, and appetite.

Drink mix: ditch coffee and other dehydrating drinks. Go to the drink mix, a drink laden with nutrients to help you recover after working out and or after a tiresome day at the job.

CBD mints: get rid of your poop breath with amazing CBD mints.

Softgels: they are typically ingested orally, and they make for a long-lasting body buzz.

Topicals: whether you be having a skin condition or some part of your body is sore, you can manage the problem with hemp creams.

Pet products: not forgetting our furry friends, especially senior dogs, who may have various health conditions like obesity, heart problems, anxiety, stomach problems, and hearing loss.

Pros of Out & About CBD

  • Products are proudly made in the US of A. Some CBD companies usually cut costs by sourcing third-rate industrial hemp from East Asia and Mexico. But Out & About CBD is all about quality first. They source their industrial hemp from licensed farmers in the US and their products are 100% organic.
  • The owner is a member of the LGBT community. Many people align themselves with the LGBT community not because they care but because there’s some quick money to be made. But Wayne Carkeek, the founder of Out & About, knows what it’s like to be considered a sexual deviant, especially since he was in the traditionally macho profession: the military. His intentions are well-meaning.
  • It is optimized for sex. Out & About CBD products are optimized for increasing sexual pleasure. For perfect sex, you need to be in a state of mental calm and relaxation, without inhibitions, and you also need to be energetic. Their products are enriched with vitamins and essential oils to enhance your sex life.
  • Reasonably priced. The company is not driven by capitalistic hard-liners, which is why its products are fairly priced. You may also save money by subscribing to their newsletter and getting discounts on the regular.
  • Informative guides are available on their website. They have published several guides to enable the customer to understand key things about CBD and how they may use CBD products to improve their health.
  • Social media presence. They seem to be active on Instagram.

Cons of Out & About CBD

  • Somewhat basic website. You can navigate their website easily, but still, there’s a lot to be desired in terms of the website design.


As human beings, it is natural for us to form tribes and alliances for the sake of our common goals, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Out & About CBD is a platform that caters to the LGBT community, they make hemp products that they know members of the LGBT will appreciate.

In the current world, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you have same-sex attraction, and Out & About Hemp Company is here to spread this message.

And of course, give you awesome CBD products.