One Farm by WAAYB Review

The method of extraction plays a critical role in the quality of CBD. One Farm by WAAYB uses a superior method of extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant.

The supercritical C02 extraction method involves directing carbon dioxide at high pressure and low temperature against industrial hemp.

Their products are 100% organic, pure, and science-backed, thus enabling CBD users to reap maximum health benefits.

Based out of Colorado, One Farm is owned by WAAYB Organics. They have an extensive background in the wellness industry.

Judging by the responses given by customers, we can deduce that One Farm is doing a good job of creating quality products.

What One Farm Offers

Their variety of products may not be massive, but the company is probably concentrating its efforts on a few products to guarantee perfection.

CBD topicals: these are especially for managing skin disorders and soreness in different parts of the body.

CBD capsules: these are perfect for getting the precise CBD dosage. Capsules may result in slow absorption of CBD but the effects are lasting.

Transdermal patches: are one of the most discreet ways of consuming CBD. They involve placing CBD patches against your skin so that CBD molecules get absorbed through your skin.

CBD water: perfect for drinking after a workout or a long day, CBD water replenishes your energy and induces calm and relaxation.

Pros of One Farm CBD

  • Vertically-integrated company. The company owns a farm in Colorado, where they grow USDA-approved industrial hemp. With all their processes done in-house, they can come up with products of exceptional quality.
  • Great potency of products. One of the ways that scammy CBD companies trick their customers is by offering products with low potency. Thus, customers hardly see the effects, and they decide CBD probably doesn’t work. One Farm seems committed to manufacturing CBD products with great potency.
  • Their products are tested by an independent lab. 3rd party lab tests are the best markers for quality. One Farm puts its entire CBD products through independent lab tests, and they make the lab reports public. This is a message to customers that they are getting top-quality CBD products.
  • Full-spectrum CBD products. They offer full-spectrum CBD products. These products have a range of cannabinoids, thus highly beneficial. Whether you use CBD oil for managing a condition or just for the sake of health improvement, the effects will kick rapidly.
  • Information-rich website. Their website is optimized for even novice CBD users. It is an information-rich website, that provides essential guides, initiating you into CBD.
  • Delicious CBD products. One thing about raw CBD oil is that the taste can be a bit displeasing, but their products are spiced up with natural flavors, thus enriching the taste of their products. CBD is also versatile, thus it can be taken in a myriad of ways, including by mixing it up with other drinks and foods.

Cons of One Farm

  • Inconsistent pricing. Some customers have complained that their pricing is not consistent, which might trigger panic-buying. Customers love stability. But this can be explained by the ever-changing factors that govern pricing.
  • No international shipping. Sorry, but One Farm caters to customers in the continental USA. However, international domination is likely on the cards, and when the time is right they’ll take their products to the entire world.


Do you fancy a company that puts product quality, transparency, and integrity before profit? One Farm is a vertically-integrated cannabis company that owns every step of production.

The company has been around since 2017, with a steadily growing enthusiastic fan base, thanks to its amazing CBD products.

Whether you like ingesting CBD orally, sublingually, or transdermally, they’ve got you covered. One Farm offers fast shipping and excellent customer support. Check them out.

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