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Old School Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs have been around for practically millenniums. They typically have a robust build and deliver smooth, unique bong rips.

Ceramic bongs are durable, as long as you take good care of them. Also, they are easy to clean and hardly ruin the smoke integrity.

One of the questions that keep being asked is whether ceramic bongs are safe. Ceramic bongs are 100% safe since they are sturdy.

Quality ceramic bongs don’t contain any toxic substances in their building material. And so, the smoke you inhale cannot harm you.

Ceramic bongs come in diverse formats and styles. Depending on what you like, your tastes and preferences. You’re spoilt for choice.

10 Best Old-School Ceramic Bongs

1. Top Hat Dandy Skull Ceramic Bong

2. My Bud Vase Burmese Ornate Ceramic Bong

3. The Magic Potion Ceramic Bong

4. My Bud Vase Rose Ceramic Bong

5. My Bud Vase Double Happiness Ceramic Bong

6. My Bud Vase Stardust Ceramic Bong

7. Chill Steel Pipes Ceramic Bong

8. Chill Steel Pipes Mix & Match Ceramic Bong

9. Oak & Earth Creations Ceramic Bong

10. My Bud Vase Friends Ceramic Bong

10 Best Handmade Ceramic Bongs

1. Thăng Long Ceramic Bongs

2. Blue Vines Ceramic Bongs

3. La Donatella Ceramic Bongs

4. Famille Jaune Ceramic Bongs

5. Tofino White Ceramic Bongs

6. Baye Blue Ceramic Bongs

7. Jade Green Ceramic Bongs

8. Sunshine Yellow Ceramic Bongs

9. Strawberry Swing Ceramic Bongs

10. Tall Boy Ceramic Bongs

Benefits of Ceramic Bongs

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced smoker of hemp herb, you will thoroughly enjoy it when you smoke out of a ceramic bong.

Ceramic bongs have been around for ages, and they typically deliver a smooth and delicious smoke, making the experience amazing.

The following are some benefits of using ceramic bongs:

1. Lasting

Ceramic bongs have more time to serve you, especially when compared to glass bongs. Ceramic bongs can be durable.

You see, if you’re using a glass bong, and you accidentally knock it over, there’s a possibility of the glass bong shattering into pieces.

However, when you knock down a ceramic bong, it can easily survive. But then you need to understand ceramic bongs aren’t super sturdy.

In order for a ceramic bong to be long-lasting, you need to handle it with care, and avoid knocking it down every so often.

2. Unique Style

When choosing a smoking accessory, we don’t just look at the functionality, but we also consider how the accessory is built.

Quality ceramic bongs usually have outstanding designs. Some of the amazing designs include coffee mugs, fruits, and pieces of art.

Considering that ceramic bongs come in a range of styles and designs, you can always go for what suits your taste and preferences.

3. Clean Easily

If you don’t keep your bong clean, you risk smoking the residuals of the bong water or toxic materials that can hurt your health.

Ceramic bongs are usually easy to clean. As long as you have the bong cleaning solution, you only take a few minutes to clean it.

When you’re done scrubbing the bong, you may use hot water to rinse it, and then you may place the bong in the open air to dry it.

How to Clean a Ceramic Bong

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your bong clean. Clean bongs preserve smoke quality and eliminate potential risks.

The frequency of cleaning your bong is influenced by different things, especially how frequently you use it, and if you share it.

But generally, it’s recommended to clean it once or twice a week. Some of the cleaning materials you will need include isopropyl alcohol, bong cleaning solution, res caps, pipe cleaners, and gloves.

1. Remove the removable parts from the bong and soak them

2. Pour sea salt into the ceramic bong and spread it evenly

3. Put the isopropyl alcohol or bong cleaning solution into the bong

4. Cover up the bong and shake the solution vigorously

5. Use the pipe cleaner to scrub clean the nooks of the bong

6. Pour out the cleaning solution and rinse the bong thoroughly

Are Ceramic Bongs Better than Glass Bongs?

Ceramic bongs have their own advantages. But, generally, when you compare ceramic bongs against glass bongs, ceramic bongs are not the best option. Glass bongs usually deliver 100% smoke integrity.

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