Naturecan US utilizes Oregon-farmed industrial hemp to create premium CBD products. Founded in 2019 by organic health experts, Andy and Paul, Naturecan US is one of the top CBD brands in the US.

Their products are created within a rigorous process, 100% seed to shelf tracking, thus guaranteeing that their customers are getting top-quality CBD products.

As the CBD market expands, and more scammers crawl out from the dark, Naturecan US couldn’t be more determined to set a great example of what constitutes a winning CBD company.

They don’t want to be just a company that sells cannabis products and calls it a day, but they are driven by the tremendous goal of enlightening America about cannabis leverage.

In a perfect world, people should have the mind to turn to CBD, rather than pharmaceutical drugs, when faced with problems like stress and anxiety.

Important things to Know

  • Naturecan US sources its CBD from US farmers. Their hemp-derived CBD is acquired from licensed Oregon-based farmers. They evaluate the grow conditions and the plant itself to ensure that the product is 100% organic.
  • Naturecan US products are 3rd party lab-tested. As the CBD industry becomes more competitive, many companies might forego processes like lab testing to stretch their profits. But Naturecan US is an established company that puts quality above profit. All their products undergo independent lab testing to ensure that they don’t contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Naturecan US products won’t get you high. Some people avoid taking CBD because they fear developing psychotropic effects. You know, their fears are valid. Poorly processed CBD products usually contain excessive THC. But all products from Naturecan US undergo a rigorous system that guarantees the THC is within the legal amount. And so, you cannot possibly develop a high from consuming their products.
  • You can take their products and drive. Apart from being THC-free, they also promote relaxation and stimulate energy. Thus, the products help you become an even better driver.
  • You can fly with their products. The US government allowed flying with CBD products, but you want to restrict this habit to domestic travels, not international travels, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, where possession of CBD is criminalized.

What Naturecan US Offers:

The company provides several options to its customers, a great thing because different people enjoy taking CBD via different methods.

CBD oils: ranging from 500mg to 12000mg, the CBD oils are available from low potency to great potency.

If you’re new to CBD, you had better start with low-potency products and work your way up as you become a veteran.

CBG oils: they are an unstable form of CBD and are excellent for boosting health and wellness.

CBD gummies: ranging from 10mg to 25mg CBD, the gummies have different flavors, and make for discreet CBD consumption.

Pet products: CBD is amazing for both dogs and cats, especially if they are seniors. Administer CBD to your pets to fight away stress and anxiety and also improve their mobility.

Pros of Naturecan US

  • They have great potency. If you’re looking for rapid action, or to intensify the effects, you go for the potent products, and Naturecan US products won’t fail you.
  • Highly pure. By using the supercritical C02 extraction, the extracted CBD is not tainted by solvents. Thus, you get to enjoy quality products.
  • Innovative products. New products might feature various enhancements. The company was started by experienced people who are determined to take the world of organic health to the next level. Their passion explains the innovative spirit across Naturecan US products.

Cons of Naturecan US

  • Limited product range. The categories of products are not broad enough to cover all the ingestion methods.


More people are waking up to the fact that CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits, and is both supplementing and replacing drugs with CBD.

Naturecan US is one of the trusted CBD companies as its products are based on organically-grown hemp and undergo independent lab testing.

Their products have great potency, and the company has established a great reputation. Looking to buy CBD products? Check them out!

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