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Naturecan UK Review

Based out of Stockport, England, Naturecan provides a variety of CBD products, and the company has been praised by celebrities like Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff.

The founder (Andy Duckworth) is a heavyweight in the wellness industry, it probably explains the meteoric rise of Naturecan; I mean, they had no room for mistakes.

Everything about this company has an understated opulence but without the hang-ups. They have an excellent customer satisfaction team to take care of you.

The company was formed in 2019 but they have a wide selection of products; I mean, they don’t offer just drops and gummies.

Naturecan uses 100% natural ingredients. They process their products in GMP-certified facilities. And their products are certified for quality before they are sold.

What Naturecan Offers

This company is looking to dominate the world, and they are offering a wide range of products.

CBD oil: it can be raw, or with different flavors, and it also comes with varying potency. Sublingually ingested CBD makes for high bioavailability.

CBD capsules: they are typically ingested orally, but once CBD gets metabolized it loses a bit of its fire. Oral CBD ingestion also delays the onset of effects. CBD capsules are suitable in many instances.

CBD snacks: they mostly appeal to people who are not fond of raw CBD oil. With a delicious and appetizing taste, infused snacks make for easy CBD ingestion.

CBD balms: if you have sore joints or back pain, you may rub a balm onto the affected area, and you be fine.

Pros of Naturecan

  • Amazing customer service. A company may have quality products, but if they treat customers like trash, that company will fail. Naturecan has an excellent customer support team. One customer revealed that his order hadn’t arrived, so he contacted customer support, and they sent him a new package along with cookies to apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Great product variety. I mean, when you stumble on a new CBD company, more likely than not their product variety will be limited. But Naturecan put a huge investment to create a wide variety of products. The company gives its customers the luxury of many options.
  • International company. Sometimes you’ll come across a quality CBD company, but your excitement stops when you realize they don’t take business from your country. But Naturecan is thinking of global domination which is why they serve customers around the world.
  • Product quality tested. Naturecan uses top technology while making their products, and to eliminate any doubts, they put their products through 3rd party lab-testing and make the reports public. Customers now know they are receiving quality CBD products.
  • Free delivery for orders above 50 euros. Yep, as long as your order clocks above 50 euros, you are spared the shipping expense.
  • Dosage calculator. Taking more CBD than the recommended limit may not be as overwhelming as taking excessive alcohol or marijuana, but still, you might experience side effects like diarrhea and dizziness. With Naturecan’s online dosage calculator, customers get to work out their precise dosage.
  • Some social media networks are hostile toward cannabis companies, but companies should market themselves cleverly. Naturecan has a presence on Instagram.

Cons of Naturecan

  • Not many payment options. It seems they only accept payment from Visa and Mastercard credit cards. They should definitely liaise with more credit card companies.


Naturecan is a cool CBD company that is quietly pushing the CBD market to the next level. They understand the importance of putting their products through 3rd party lab tests.

On the whole, customers seem happy with the quality of Naturecan’s services and products, as can be deduced from their submitting 5-star ratings.

Naturecan is operated by experts with a background in the wellness industry. It is an innovative company and an asset to the CBD community. Check them out.

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