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Nature & Bloom Review

One of the reasons why CBD products by Nature & Bloom are popular is that they have no psychoactive effects; in other words, they won’t get you high.

Nature & Bloom is one of the players in the CBD wellness industry; using hemp extracts to create amazing products that help people have a healthy existence.

Nature & Bloom are all about making themselves accessible to customers; they want to demystify what goes on behind the scenes.

Every supplier that they work with must be carefully selected, and they make a perfect job of vetting their associates.

With their quality products and outstanding customer service, Nature & Bloom is shooting for the stars.

What Nature & Bloom Offers

CBD oil: with different concentrations, different flavors, and fashioned for different times, Nature & Bloom CBD oil offers premium CBD oil.

CBD concentrates: they offer broad-spectrum CBD concentrate which delivers high CBD bioavailability and rapid effects.

CBD skincare and muscle problems: they have body butter and muscle gel which can help manage various skin and muscle issues.

CBD vaping devices: a vaporizer converts active ingredients of an e-liquid into vapor under medium heat, making for high CBD bioavailability. Vaping is safer than smoking.

Pros of Nature & Bloom

  • THC-free products. Some CBD companies give the false claim that their products are THC-free, and then you consume the product and boom, you get psychoactive effects. Nature & Bloom makes products with no THC. Thus, you won’t experience any high. You can afford to take CBD even at your workplace.
  • 3rd-party lab-testing. The product has undergone 3rd party lab-testing, meaning that the product has met quality standards, and is without any hazardous substance. CBD users are sensitized to check for 3rd party lab test reports before they buy the product.
  • Broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD products contain a variety of phytocannabinoids and terpenes that enhance synergistic health improvement. Broad-spectrum CBD products also make for rapid onset of effects.
  • Premium industrial hemp. Nature & Bloom uses 100% organic ingredients, which is why their products have the highest standards. They perform due diligence on their suppliers and associates to ensure they don’t ruin the final product.
  • Customer experience. As a customer, you won’t be spoken down to, and your issues won’t be brushed aside, but the support team resolves the issues, making you a happy client. Quality customer experience is one of the cornerstones of a successful company.
  • Operated by the founder. There’s a difference between when a company is managed by the founder and when it’s managed by someone else. The founder is more passionate and hungrier for success. The founder takes care to push their company to the next level and never be complacent about what they have achieved.
  • Dosage guide. They have a dosage guide to help you recognize the precise amount of CBD you need to ingest.
  • 14-days free trial. Customers are covered by a 14-days money-back guarantee. You just return the unused portion in its original packaging and you get your money back.

Cons of Nature & Bloom

  • Don’t ship to enough countries. They claim that they ship internationally, but these are just five regions: the UK, EU, Switzerland, Cyprus, and the USA.
  • Limited social media presence. They should keep an active Facebook and Twitter account to keep their social media savvy customers in the know.


Nature & Bloom considers themselves to be at the forefront of the wellness revolution, quietly changing the world with premium hemp products.

Their hemp products have minuscule THC content, thus they cause no psychoactive effects, and yet they have synergistic healing benefits.

Nature & Bloom appears to be a quality CBD company that’s doing its best to improve people’s lives. Check them out.