NanoCraft CBD Review

The company is fuelled by a tremendous innovative spirit; I can say that for NanoCraft CBD.

Since CBD became legal in the US, and scientific reports came out indicating its health benefits, Americans have been taking hemp products like there’s no tomorrow.

CBD companies are popping up to cater to the sharp demand for hemp products across America and beyond.

If you’re new to CBD and don’t know where to look, you’re at risk of getting played. We applaud you for taking the initiative to perform some research before spending.

NanoCraft was started by two friends, Todd Erwin and Stefan McKellar. They built the company from scratch into what it is now: a successful CBD manufacturer.

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What NanoCraft Offers

Using superior technology, they have formulated products with up to four times the bioavailability of regular CBD products.

These are some of the products they offer:

CBD drops: they have different strengths, and they come in different categories like night formula, day formula, and pure drops. The night formula CBD drops are optimized for quality sleep with melatonin and the day CBD drops are optimized for energy.

Softgels: their broad-spectrum softgels have immune-boosting properties. Softgels can be discreet and also enable you to take the exact dosage.

CBD topicals: applying CBD to your skin promotes healing and induces calm and relaxation. Their topicals are wide-ranging: roll-ons, lip balms, muscle balms, sports cream, etc.

CBD powder: they also have a powder that fosters rapid energy boost; it may be ingested during heavy tasks or after workouts.

CBD waters: CBD energy water helps flush out toxins, improve physiological processes, and boosts one’s immune.

Pet CBD: they also have CBD products geared toward pets.

Pros of NanoCraft CBD

  • Organically-grown industrial hemp. NanoCraft CBD uses organically grown industrial hemp to create its winning CBD products. They source their hemp from licensed US farmers. Their industrial hemp is grown in fertile, non-polluted soils, with farmers observing strict grow guidelines. This is a sound foundation for creating pure hemp products with great potency consistently.
  • Superior storage of raw hemp. When the industrial hemp is harvested, it is dried and warehoused, and then it be milled on an as-needed basis. The hemp is handled with the utmost care and shielded from getting contaminated.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products. Broad-spectrum CBD products have a range of cannabinoids, save for THC, and they also have various organic compounds including terpenes, essential oils, and flavonoids. All these organic compounds mix to activate the powerful therapeutic advantages of CBD. Some of the minor and major phytocannabinoids present in broad-spectrum CBD products include CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THCA.
  • Designed for the athlete in you. Their products are aimed at the optimal functioning of the body. Even athletes can take these CBD products without a negative outcome. They use proprietary technology to scrap off THC and other unwanted compounds from the product.
  • 3rd party lab tests. Their product is of superior quality, and you can check the lab reports to erase doubts. Independent la tests assure customers that a CBD company produces organic products with great potency and purity.
  • They are supporting kids in need. For every product you buy, a buck goes toward supporting vulnerable kids.
  • Discount for veterans and first responders. The company offers up to 40% discount for veterans and first responders. It’s a small token of appreciation because of the true American heroes.

Cons of NanoCraft CBD

  • Based in the US. If you live outside the continental US, sorry but NanoCraft cannot extend its services to you.
  • Free shipping starts at orders above $75%. Some people consider the limit for free shipping to be on the higher side.


NanoCraft was started by two friends who are themselves CBD enthusiasts. They involve science experts and athletes in the creation of their products.

Nanocraft CBD has won major awards for crafting CBD products that promote quality sleep, and are effective in pain and anxiety relief.

This company is changing people’s lives across America. They are known to provide quality products and excellent customer service. Check them out.

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