Myths About the Potency of Marijuana

There are many misconceptions about marijuana out there. Some of them come from a place of ignorance but others are just propaganda.

The following are some of the common myths concerning marijuana potency.

1. Marijuana is not as potent as it used to be

This idea is floated about by individuals who are nostalgic about the good ole days. We get it. The 60s counterculture was a freakish time to be alive. People broke away from social norms, so that sex and booze and drugs ceased being taboo.

But the fact remains that the weed from back then is less potent than what we have at present. The weed being sold now is twenty times more potent than what we had back then. And it’s not by accident.

We now have sophisticated growing techniques, and breeders perform selective breeding, creating progressively potent marijuana strains. In the 60s, marijuana strains contained an average of 1.5% THC, but in 2020, some strains can have up to 30% THC.

Marijuana breeders in both the Netherlands and the USA take most of the credit for producing superior strains. At present, we not only have marijuana strains with the highest THC levels but also are the most resistant to mold and disease.

2. All marijuana strains produce the same kind of high

When you go to a marijuana dispensary, you will find many strains with varying THC and CBD content, and the budtender will tell you that different strains achieve different results; whether you are looking to relax, embark on some resource-intensive activity, have sex, etc., there are specific strains for that. But some people oppose this idea. They are of the opinion that all marijuana strains have similar effects, and if there is any difference, it’s negligible. If you are a novice marijuana user, it might be hard to tell strains apart, but the more experience you gain the quicker you can perceive differences in strains. Whether you like marijuana strains with a pungent smell or sweet-scented, experience enables you to make a quick judgment.

3. Synthetic marijuana is effective

Synthetic marijuana was created to help scientists understand how cannabinoids affect the brain. Synthetic marijuana was prepared in a laboratory, and it goes by other names like fake weed, herbal weeds, and smoking blends. Synthetic marijuana is problematic, and instead of giving you a high, it causes side effects like headache, exhaustion, diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive sweating. The long-term effects include kidney disease and even loss of life. Marijuana users shouldn’t feel the need to indulge in synthetic marijuana. It doesn’t contain naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids that have therapeutic benefits like sleep and relaxation.

4. Smoking marijuana is better than vaping marijuana

This myth is understandable because people have been smoking marijuana forever whereas vapes are pretty recent. But the truth is vaporizing marijuana is where it’s at. You see, when you smoke a blunt, the marijuana flower gets combusted, thus producing smoke and a pungent smell, not discounting the denaturing of organic compounds in the marijuana flower. Hell, it can even cause the activation of harmful irritants. On the other hand, vaping marijuana means that you use medium heat, converting the flower into vapor. Vaping allows you to be discrete since there’s no major smoke or scent, and it promotes the activation of most phytocannabinoids, thus allowing you to enjoy full therapeutic effects.

5. Marijuana is dangerous

If you are dragging on blunts the whole day, the side effects can be harmful, but the average marijuana user is responsible. This means they spend most of their hours doing productive things and only indulge to rewire and recharge their brain. Anything can be dangerous when misused.

There are many other myths about marijuana, but the ones listed above speak to potency.

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