More Canadians are Turning to CBD Oil

According to new reports, the use of CBD oil amongst people who never took cannabis products has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada is considered a cannabis mecca, and many people are familiar with the benefits of cannabis, and especially, the non-psychoactive compound, CBD.

During this pandemic, people’s ability to move and live out there has been greatly undermined, and it has caused people to go through tremendous emotional and mental pains.

CBD Oil for Mental Health

During this pandemic, many people in Canada have confessed to experiencing the true healing powers of CBD oil. Previously “CBD virgins” are now regular CBD consumers.

Kacie Fann was a realtor pre-Corona, but she had to leave her job, and she found it pretty hard navigating the pandemic with three kids.

But once she opened up to her friend about her stressful life, her friend recommended that she tries CBD. Kacie had no prior experience with cannabis products.

But she says that within one week, she had started losing the anxiety and depression. And now she uses CBD oil frequently for her mental health.

Many people are turning to CBD products because they are non-intoxicating and more effective than OTC drugs in improving mental health.

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