Marijuana Seeds Canada Review

Marijuana Seeds Canada is a top-performing seed bank that was started in 2009. Marijuana growers from around the world trust this company to deliver quality marijuana seeds.

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient and you are looking to grow marijuana in your spare room, or you are an entrepreneur and are looking to cash in, you need quality marijuana.

It begins with the seeds. Marijuana Seeds Canada spares no effort in developing cannabis seeds with superior genetics so that growers may obtain high-quality marijuana.

Their seeds register high germination rates, and these seeds come in different varieties. Delivery within a few days is guaranteed.

Important Things to Know

  • This company ships globally. So, if you live in a place where marijuana seeds are garbage, here’s your relief. Just place an order via their website and wait for your seeds.
  • They provide discreet shipping. There are still restrictive forces against marijuana, and companies foster discreet shipping to protect their customers. Various techniques are used for concealing the items including omitting the logo and product name and using aliases.
  • The seeds are typically shipped as a protected package, and various objects may be used in a complementary capacity including electronic equipment, toys, and birthday cards.
  • Marijuana Seeds Canada has a very generous program; that if you buy seeds worth $420, they will top up free seeds worth a similar amount.
  • Delivery is guaranteed when you choose the $20 and $40 shipping options, as these options provide tracking and insurance. This company cares about satisfying customers.
  • Free shipping available for qualifying orders. If you buy seeds worth $200, your package is shipped at no cost to you.
  • Orders are rapidly executed for shipping. Orders are shipped within 24 hours, and the speed of delivery is affected by whether you use regular post or express shipping.

What Marijuana Seeds Canada Offers:

They have an incredible menu of marijuana strains, superior genetic seeds, and this menu keeps growing large as new strains become featured.

These are some of the popular seeds from Marijuana Seeds Canada:

White widow feminized: an indica-dominant marijuana strain with high THC levels and potent effects.

White queen regular: it’s a high THC strain, not ideal for rookies, but it’s excellent for fighting anxiety and depression.

Trainwreck regular: a potent marijuana strain that activates a euphoric high, but it also has some couchlock effects.

Snow white feminized: an indica-dominant strain that induces a body and mind buzz, and rapidly elevates you into mental calm.

Snow white auto-fem: typically used for indoor growing, its THC content be high as 24%, and the strain is excellent for combating stress and anxiety.

Sweet tooth feminized: as the name suggests, this strain is delicious, and it has energizing effects.

Papaya regular: a popular indica-dominant strain not just because of the incredible taste and relaxation effects but also its ease of growing, high resin production, and pest-resistant ability.

OG kush regular: high THC strain with soothing effects, but beneath that, couch-lock effects be lurking.

Pros of Marijuana Seeds Canada

  • Diverse payment options. Cannabis companies contend with hostility from financial institutions, an unfair practice, but these companies work hard to avail different payment systems. Marijuana Seeds Canada receives payments via numerous credit cards, bitcoin, money orders, Interac e-transfers and Paypal.
  • The company has built a good name for itself, particularly because of its quality seeds and outstanding customer support. Customers have a high opinion about it, and so, you can expect a good shopping experience.
  • Money-saving programs. The company offers numerous incentives and discount programs aimed at making happy customers.

Cons of Marijuana Seeds Canada

  • No money-back guarantee. It’s just not workable.


If you want to obtain quality marijuana buds, you have to start with germinating quality marijuana seeds, or else you may be disappointed.

Marijuana Seeds Canada is a top-rank seed bank that’s been providing seeds since 2009. They have an impressive menu of marijuana strains to ensure that you select the best seeds.

Their seeds are affordable, and they provide fast and discreet shipping, also outstanding customer support. Check them out.

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