Rolling trays are one of the essential equipment of for a cannabis smoker. They enable to speed up smoking sessions and they have no recurring expenses.

A handcrafted rolling tray has sentimental value. It allows you to channel your artistic side as you customize the tray to your tastes.

A perfect rolling tray enables you to roll a smooth joint, and joints appeal to most cannabis smokers because they can be used communally, usually at parties.

Whether you like your joints thick, short or longish, you require a flat surface to make the joint smooth and harmonious and to avoid losing flower in case of mini-spillage.

Rolling trays also make for easy handling of accessories such as papers, scissors, filters, lighters, and ashtrays.

Types of Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are mainly distinguished by the material they are made of. They may be cut out from different materials but there are pros and cons in each case.

1. Metallic Rolling Trays

And since it’s metallic, we expect that it is the most durable. Metal trays are smooth and heavy and allow you to create superb joints. On the downside, it may be pretty challenging to customize them with art, unless professionally done.

2. Silicone Rolling Trays

For what they lack in being sturdy and durable, they more than make up in being scratch-resistant. I mean, no one wants to draw out their rolling tray at a party only for the hommies to notice deep cracks and hesitate out of concern for their health.

3. Plastic Rolling Trays

These are easy to customize especially with spray paint and graffiti. But on the downside, they can break easily, scratch easily, and grow dull and decrepit pretty soon. But plastic rolling trays cost significantly less, so if you’re low on money, go to it.

4. Wooden Rolling Trays

Depending on the wood that the tray is cut from, wooden trays are squarely up there. They add that refreshing vintage appeal and seem to absorb wear and tear the best.

Handcrafted Rolling Trays

The tools that you require depend on what the tray is made of; in silicone and plastic trays, you may use glitter, pictures, spray paint, and graffiti, and in wooden trays, you require a gouge.

You may publish original art in your rolling tray or replicate a design that you saw online but obviously won’t be as good as the one professionally executed.

Ensure that your rolling tray has a special slot for securing the paper and flower firmly while you roll the joint.

Are Rolling Trays Overrated?

Some people reason that they only need a flat surface to make a joint and they would use even the back of a book or a smooth chair.

But the quality you get out of a rolling tray is unmatched.

Apart from helping you enjoy smooth hits, a rolling tray allows you to easily handle other smoking accessories, which are usually small, that can be easily misplaced and lost.

A rolling tray provides a dedicated cannabis lab where you create perfect joints.

Rolling Tray Designs

The style and design of a rolling tray are dependent on what material they are made of; wood, metal, plastic, silicone, etc.

And they can come in different shapes and sizes, with cool customizations, mainly compartments that double up for other uses.

Technology is stepping up the game, and you can personalize or customize your rolling tray online before it gets shipped to you.

Should I Buy Rolling Tray Kits?

Rolling tray kits equip you with everything you require to create quality joints. These kits include as many accessories as you are willing to pay for, and some of the common accessories include lighters, grinders, rolling papers, and storage containers.

Do I Need Rolling Trays?

If you care about smooth, quality joints, yes, you do!