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Make and Use CBD Hash Pucks

CBD hash pucks refer to a concentrate or substance that’s prepared by compacting the trichomes of hemp flowers. CBD hash pucks usually take the shape of small bricks or coins.

Considering that hemp trichomes (also called kief) usually contain high levels of cannabinoids, when you consume a CBD hash puck, you’re likely to experience the potent effects of CBD.

You can prepare CBD hash pucks by yourself in at least three different ways. One of the best preparation styles will require the following materials: a herb grinder and a pollen press.

A pollen press is a device that is used to compress the lightweight trichomes of hemp flowers until the hash pucks are formed. Pollen presses are ideal as they are affordable and efficient.

The steps below outline how to make CBD hash pucks with a grinder and a pollen press.

1. Using a 4-piece grinder, crush your hemp flowers with a stable and linear consistency.

2. Open your grinder and transfer the trichomes from the kief chamber into a tray or paper.

3. Prepare all components of the pollen press and detach the pin from the press.

4. Put the press in a vertical position and pour the trichomes into the press.

5. Install the pin back into the press and tightly snap the caps shut.

6. Allow the pollen to become compacted for a period of 7 – 9 hours.

7. Finally, you can detach the pin from the press and withdraw your smooth hash puck.

8. Store the CBD hash puck in an airtight jar to prevent it from degenerating or destabilizing.

9. Clean your pollen press either with a damp cloth or an alcohol-based cleaning solution.

10. Start enjoying your CBD hash puck.

When making CBD hash pucks, it’s critical to use dry flowers, not wet flowers, to keep the hash puck from becoming moldy. There are different ways to use and enjoy CBD hash pucks.

Inhalation: the common method of using CBD hash pucks is by inhalation. This refers to adding some of your hash into your buds and rolling a joint, thus experiencing potent effects. You can very well add some of your hash pucks into your dab pen or vaporizer and inhale it.

Eatables: you can add your hash puck as an ingredient when preparing your food. Whether you’re preparing some baked goodies or a standard meal, you can throw in some hash, and then you’ll ingest the CBD orally, where the CBD effects will stick around for quite some time.

Drinkables: you can add your hash puck to your favorite drinks like juice, milk, and porridge. This style allows you to ingest CBD orally, but the effects may kick in slowly.