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LunchEAZE Review: The Automatic, Rechargeable, and Self-Heated Lunchbox

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LunchEAZE is a portable, digital lunch box. It allows you to set your mealtimes and enjoy hot meals whenever you wish. LunchEAZE is cordless, automatic, and self-heating.

If you typically carry food to work with a traditional lunch box, by the time noon rolls around, the food will be cold. LunchEAZE will change that and allow you to enjoy hot meals.

LunchEAZE works automatically, ensuring your food is hot and ready at precisely the time you want to take it. Thousands of people are using this revolutionary digital lunch box.

Who is the Owner of LunchEAZE?

The company that markets and sells LunchEAZE is known as reliantEMS Corp. And Kamran Honardoost, who is the co-founder and president of reliantEMS Corp, is the key player.

Based out of Fremont, California, relliantEMS is immersed in the manufacture of appliances, the production of electronics, and the testing and assembly of electromechanical units.

LunchEAZE came out in 2019 and went on to be the most popular invention by reliantEMS. This cordless, automatic, and self-heating digital lunch box provides scheduled, hot meals.

What is LunchEAZE Used For?

Many people usually carry food to work since it helps them save resources, not forgetting that home-prepared meals allow people to enjoy the particular foods or drinks that they like.

LunchEAZE upgrades this experience by enabling you to enjoy hot meals at the planned time. LunchEAZE is integrated with smart timers, so you never have to wait for your food to get hot.

Using the interactive interface, you can tell the lunch box what time you intend to take your meal, and the system will ensure that the food is hot and ready precisely around that time.

The LunchEAZE lunch box is sleek and portable and may be brought to almost any place that your day takes you. Many people are finding the LunchEAZE lunch box incredibly favorable.

The Features of LunchEAZE Lunch Box

The price for the LunchEAZE Original is $229.95, and the price for the LunchEAZE Lite is $164.95, but you can get them at a discount.

A single LunchEAZE package includes a base and lid of your preferred color, a food container, a charger, a battery, and an insulated lunch bag.

The following are some of the LunchEAZE features:

1. Portable

The LunchEAZE lunch box is small enough to be put in a bag, so you can bring it anywhere you wish. Whether you work in an outdoor or indoor setting, you can bring your lunch box there.

2. Rechargeable

Running on a sturdy, lithium-ion battery, the LunchEAZE lunch box allows you to enjoy a hot meal without connecting the lunch box to any power supply. The battery is stable and powerful.

3. Self-heating

With its automatic heating feature, you don’t have to wait for the food to get hot, but once you tell the LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat, it automatically heats the food before mealtime.

4. Safe

There’s nothing in the LunchEAZE electronic lunch box that could pose a risk to your health. The LunchEAZE is constructed with food-safe, BPA-free, and lead-free materials.

5. App

The LunchEAZE app allows you to execute fine commands, making the LunchEAZE digital lunch box super convenient. With the app, you can control the timers and set messages.

LunchEAZE is designed to handle both liquid and solid food types. In its entirety, the LunchEAZE lunch box is not waterproof, but some parts of the LunchEAZE are waterproof.

According to a LunchEAZE review, the LunchEAZE Lite is a first-of-its-kind cordless electronic lunch box that allows them to enjoy a delicious meal during their lunch break at work.

As for the LunchEAZE size, the LunchEAZE lunch box weighs 2.6 lbs, and its dimensions are 7.25″ wide x 5.75″ deep x 4.5″ tall.

How to Use LunchEAZE Lunch Box

LunchEAZE has a simple and elegant design, which makes using it pretty easy. Start with installing your meal in the food container. LunchEAZE is designed to work with any food type.

Once you’re done serving food into the food container, set down the food container into the base of your LunchEAZE, and ensure that you put the lid on and press firmly until it shuts well.

To turn on LunchEAZE, push the power button. Adjust the clock via the DOWN and UP buttons. In the menu options, choose “Set Meal Time,” and enter the time you’d like to eat.

Even though LunchEAZE is cordless, the battery needs to be recharged. LunchEAZE usually takes three hours to charge and may even be charged while it is being used.

The LunchEAZE battery lasts for two and a half hours. Following a complete charge, the LunchEAZE is designed to heat one meal and keep your food hot even as you eat.

LunchEAZE typically starts heating your food two hours before mealtime. The time it takes for LunchEAZE to heat your food may be influenced by whether your food is fresh or frozen.

To charge LunchEAZE, you need to connect the charger to the charging port. Only use a charger approved by the company. When the lunchEAZE is charging, there’s a “+” symbol that appears on the screen, and the borders of the battery symbol turn blue. It takes 3 hours.

LunchEAZE typically uses a 9 Volt, 5 Amp wall charger. You will know that the LunchEAZE battery is charged fully when the battery icon is full. Even if you leave the charger plugged in, the battery is still safe. The battery can be charged even while the LuncEAZE is heating food.

LunchEAZE can heat all types of foods; fresh foods, frozen foods, soups, leftovers, etc. With the LunchEAZE app, you can use Bluetooth connection for easier execution of commands; just use the “Connect Device” feature to detect the LunchEAZE device and then connect.

LunchEAZE is designed to ensure the meals become steaming hot. LunchEAZE may become as hot as 220°F. You can set the maximum temperature of your LunchEAZE between 170°F and 220°F.

As long as the LunchEAZE is powered on, it can start heating automatically. You only need to set the mealtime once, and the LunchEAZE will retain the settings. If you want to reset LunchEAZE, simply push the POWER button so the counter reaches zero, and then push the ENTER button simultaneously for around six minutes before letting go.

If you have a nomadic lifestyle, ensure you have more than one LunchEAZE battery. The lunchEAZE battery-powered lunch box is the world’s first cordless and rechargeable lunch box.

Where to Buy LunchEAZE

Both the LunchEAZE Lite and the LunchEAZE Original share the same features including cordless, automatic, and self-heating. However, the LunchEAZE Lite lacks Bluetooth and a cutting-edge display and also doesn’t come with an insulated bag.

If you’re looking to buy LunchEAZE, you can visit the official website, but numerous other platforms sell LunchEAZE digital lunch boxes. The following are different platforms where LunchEAZE may be bought:

The LunchEAZE base comes in diverse colors including; the Caviar Black base with an Onyx Black latching lid; the Pacifica Blue base with a Pebble Grey latching lid; and the Roma Red base with a Cotton White latching lid.

Headquartered at 47366 Fremont Blvd, in Fremont, California; LunchEAZE typically processes and ships orders within two business days. Once an order is processed, the customer receives an email with a tracking number, allowing the customer to track the LunchEAZE order.

On their social media pages, LunchEAZE may entice customers with free shipping offers, along with coupons, discount codes, military discounts, deals, bundles, and Black Friday sales.

Most LunchEAZE customers are based in the USA. However, LunchEAZE sells internationally and has customers in many countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and South Africa.

LunchEAZE Alternatives and Competitors

The following are some LunchEAZE alternatives:

  • Hot Logic Food Warmer
  • Bento Lunch Box
  • A-1ux Electric Lunch Box
  • Luckstar Electric Lunch Box
  • CTSZOOM Heated Lunch Box

Advantages of the LunchEAZE Electric Lunch Box

With the LunchEAZE digital lunch box, you’ll never have a cold lunch at work again, or feel the need to shell for a meal at the restaurant. There are many benefits to owning a LunchEAZE.

  • It allows you to enjoy safely-prepared and delicious meals
  • It allows you to enjoy different foods that you enjoy making
  • The food is better tasting, thanks to its moisture-locking features
  • It helps you save money as you don’t need to go to the restaurant
  • You’re less disrupted or disturbed during lunch as your meal is only an arm’s length away

LunchEAZE is not microwave safe. LunchEAZE may not boil water but it can certainly make the water extremely hot. LunchEAZE products have a one-year warranty. If you take good care of your LunchEAZE, it can last for several years.

How Safe is the LunchEAZE Digital Lunch Box?

LunchEAZE has been manufactured in a top-tier facility with extremely high safety standards; the product is safe to ship, handle, and use.

Placing your LunchEAZE box in the fridge or freezer isn’t recommended. LunchEAZE contains electrical parts that could be distorted.

Placing your LunchEAZE box in the microwave or dishwasher is not recommended either as the base has electronics. However, the LunchEAZE food container is dishwasher safe.

LunchEAZE Insulated Lunch Bag

This bag is important for carrying around your digital lunch box. It’s designed for easy carrying, allowing you to cover and protect your delicious food.

With a sturdy exterior and an insulated interior that preserves your food, the LunchEAZE insulated bag ensures that food integrity is preserved.

The LunchEAZE lunch bag is compartmentalized, creating the most space for setting down your lunch box and more space for fitting things like utensils.

Can LunchEAZE Cook Food?

No, LunchEAZE is not for cooking food; LunchEAZE is for heating already-cooked food. LunchEAZE also provides meal preps which makes it easy for you to prepare delicious meals. Check out the LunchEAZE recipes and LunchEAZE meal ideas to fix amazing meals.

LunchEAZE App

The LunchEAZE app by ReliantEMS Corp is available on the App Store and Google Play. The LunchEAZE mobile app is designed to integrate with LunchEAZE self-heating lunch box. You can use the app to perform various functions including setting heat timers, setting custom names, and leaving custom messages. The app has been downloaded by thousands of people.

What is LunchEAZE Customer Service Like?

LunchEAZE customer service has a good reputation. Whether you’ve experienced challenges with your order status, LunchEAZE in-store issues, or product issues, they’ll sort you quickly.

With their 30-day money-back guarantee, if you’re not pleased with the buy, you can return their product within 30 days of purchasing it. The customer service team will review your case.

LunchEAZE customer service may be contacted via this email:, or by submitting a request, and they may be also contacted via phone by calling this number: (510) 252-1973. You can also send a letter to their address: 47366 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA, 94538. And if you can’t get them on all those avenues, you can hop on their social media pages; LunchEAZE is active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Is LunchEAZE Worth It?

LunchEAZE is 100% worth it. This food-warming device is stacked with numerous features and is seriously adding value to people who like carrying food to work. Some of its benefits include:

  • Helps you save money since you won’t need to go to restaurants for lunch
  • LunchEAZE is battery-operated, which allows you to carry it anyplace you wish
  • LunchEAZE is a timely food warmer, allowing you to enjoy hot meals
  • LunchEAZE has meal ideas to help you prepare mouthwatering dishes
  • the dimensions of LunchEAZE aren’t huge, thus improving its portability

LunchEAZE Bluetooth App

To connect to LunchEAZE Bluetooth, start by downloading the LunchEAZE app and opening it; then launch the menu and select your LunchEAZE device. The LunchEAZE software will rendezvous and connect, and then you can go ahead to set mealtimes, temperatures, etc.

LunchEAZE Accessories

The following are some LunchEAZE accessories you may wish to buy:

  • Utensil Set
  • Ice Pack
  • LunchEAZE Lids
  • Extra Charger
  • Side Dish Container
  • Additional Meal Container
  • Insulated Lunch Bag
  • Car Charger
  • Extra Replacement Battery

Is LunchEAZE a Good Gift Idea?

Yes! Whether you want to gift your friend, family member, or lover, you can’t go wrong with the LunchEAZE digital lunch box!

Is LunchEAZE Great for Carrying Cannabis Edibles?

Yes, you can use the LunchEAZE lunch box to carry your CBD-enriched edibles; whether these are infused CBD foods, juice, or snacks. However, don’t set the temperature too high else the terpenes, and cannabinoids may get damaged. Cannabis-infused edibles unlock great effects.