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List of Celebrities Who Love CBD Oil

Celebrities have a major influence on how their fans should live; once they endorse a product, their fans take it up. Numerous celebrities have been endorsing CBD.

Although some celebrities have been paid to market CBD products, most of them have been endorsing CBD without receiving any monetary compensation.

Although there’s no concrete data to support this argument, I believe that these celebrity endorsements have been critical in increasing the demand for CBD.

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The following are some of the famous people in various fields that use and promote CBD products. Some of them have even started CBD companies.

Actors That Use and Endorse CBD

The following Hollywood stars are big on CBD:

1. Emma Roberts: she’s into acting and music, and has enjoyed a successful career since her first role in Blow. She occasionally poses on Instagram with her favorite CBD products.

2. Tom Hanks: he’s not just a successful actor in Hollywood but is considered an American cultural icon. He’s been quoted claiming that CBD makes him feel new and refreshed.

3. Alessandra Ambrosio: she started as Victoria’s Secret model and found her way into movies, and she’s been successful. Ambrosio once said that CBD helped with her anxiety.

4. Whoopi Goldberg: she’s an award-winning actor and comedian from New York City. Whoopi confessed that she uses CBD oil to boost her physical and mental wellbeing.

5. Jennifer Aniston: she’s an actor and producer, and was once married to the American icon Brad Pitt. Aniston said that she’s used CBD to manage her pain, stress, and anxiety.

6. Montel Williams: he’s an actor, former marine, and former television personality. Williams uses CBD to manage neuropathic pain and he’s invested in a CBD line.

7. Kristen Bell: she started out appearing on stage productions before her big break in Hollywood. Kristen uses CBD for skincare and she has her line of CBD beauty products.

8. Olivia Wilde: she’s an actor who’s starred in numerous successful movies. Wilde started using CBD to soothe her aches after a physically taxing performance.

9. Mandy Moore: she’s a successful actor from New Hampshire. She’s been quoted saying that she applies CBD to her feet to increase heel comfort and avoid blisters.

10. Morgan Freeman: he has a deep, golden voice that every man envies. Morgan once revealed that he’s been using CBD oil for a long time for pain relief.

11. Michael J. Fox: he’s a retired actor and a philanthropist. Michael reportedly uses CBD oil to manage various symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

12. Busy Philips: she’s an actor mostly known for her roles on Freaks and Geeks, and Dawson’s Creek. Philips revealed she uses CBD for its mental health benefits.

13. Seth Rogan: he’s an award-winning actor and comedian. He’s one of the earliest celebrities to campaign for cannabis legalization. He has a CBD company.

14. Gwyneth Paltrow: she’s an award-winning actor, businessperson, and singer. Gwyneth uses CBD to improve skin health, and she owns a CBD line.

15. Alex Montagnani: with a background in mixed martial arts, he has appeared in several movies including Cagefighter and Matchbox. Alex uses CBD for fitness and performance.

16. Dakota Johnson: she’s a popular actor mostly known for her roles in the Fifty Shades movie series. Dakota revealed she uses CBD to improve sleep and cut anxiety.

17. Whitney Port: married to Tim Rosenman, Whitney is an actor, fashion designer, and author. She has been spotted several times by paparazzi buying CBD products.

18. Tommy Chong: he’s an actor, comedian, and one of the most vocal celebrities for cannabis legalization. He takes marijuana, CBD, and he owns a CBD company.

19. Leighton Meester: she’s an actor, singer, and model. She’s been quoted as saying that she uses CBD to reduce the stress and tension in her shoulders and hands.

20. Pete Davidson: he’s a comedian and actor, and has been a member of the SNL since 2014. He’s quoted that the cannabis product he consumes is CBD, which has low THC.

21. Minka Kelly: she’s an actor and model who’s appeared in several successful shows. Minka has revealed that her favorite morning drink is a CBD-infused beverage.

22. Martha Stewart: she’s a wildly successful TV personality. She loves taking CBD products, and she owns a top-performing CBD business.

Athletes that Use and Endorse CBD

The following athletes love taking CBD products:

23. Mike Tyson: he’s a boxing legend and a vocal supporter of cannabis legalization. Mike consumes marijuana, CBD, and he owns a cannabis ranch.

24. Antony and Sergio Pettis: these two brothers have a background in mixed martial art. The brothers take CBD and CBDistillery once sponsored them.

25. Megan Rapinoe: she’s fondly remembered for taking the American women’s soccer team to Olympic glory. Megan once claimed she uses CBD for mental and body goals.

26. Usman Kamaru: he’s a UFC champion, and he uses CBD to supercharge body and brain performance. Usman Kamaru has an endorsement deal by Love Hemp.

27. Nate Diaz: he’s a seasoned UFC star and a passionate advocate for cannabis. Nate Diaz has been photographed several times enjoying a CBD joint.

28. Israel Adesanya: he’s a UFC star and the reigning middleweight champion. He takes CBD products and has an endorsement deal by Blessed CBD.

29. James Haskell: he’s a well-decorated former rugby player. He uses CBD to improve his health and he has a CBD company that caters to the sports niche.

30. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff: he’s a former international cricketer. He declared that he loves CBD-infused chocolate nut butter, and has been spotted with various CBD products.

31. Bubba Watson: this professional golfer is a two-time Master’s winner. He’s revealed that he uses CBD to manage common aches, calm his mind, and get quality sleep.

32. Carli Lloyd: she’s a former American soccer player and a two-time Olympic gold medallist. She began using CBD when she got a knee injury and underwent surgery.

33. Phil Mickelson: he’s one of the top-earning professional golf players. He’s been sighted several times ingesting CBD oil with a dropper.

34. Tiger Woods: he’s touted as the best professional golf player ever. Tiger Woods is said to enjoy CBD gummies before and during golf matches.

35. Rob Gronkowski: he plays in the NFL as a tight end. He advocates for CBD in managing sports-related injuries, as CBD helped him overcome his pain.

36. Steve Kerr: he’s a successful basketball coach. Steve doesn’t shy off from recommending CBD as a better alternative to OTC pills in managing pain.

37. Mickey Gall: he’s a mixed martial artist signed in the UFC. One of Mickey’s secrets for maintaining his health and fitness is regular use of CBD.

38. Scott McCarron: he’s a notable professional golf player. McCarron revealed that taking CBD before his rounds helped with minimizing his nervousness.

39. Lucas Glover: he’s a professional gold player who won the 2009 US open. He first used CBD to speed up his recovery in 2018, and he’s tried different CBD products.

40. Scott Piercy: he’s a professional golf player. Scott has revealed that he uses CBD to improve his fitness and performance.

Musicians that Use and Endorse CBD

The following are some of the musicians that enjoy taking CBD oil:

41. Snoop Dogg: he’s a talented rapper and doesn’t hide the fact that he’s into cannabis. Occasionally, snoop deviates from marijuana and enjoys CBD joints.

42. Lil Wayne: he’s one of the most successful rappers out there. Lil Wayne is big on cannabis, and he even has a cannabis company that offers premium CBD.

43. Willie Nelson: he’s a famous artist, actor, and activist. He uses CBD, and he’s founded a CBD company named Willie’s Remedy.

44. Melisa Etheridge: she’s a performing artist and activist. She uses CBD to boost her performance, and she owns a CBD line.

45. Gene Simmons: he’s a famous singer and songwriter. He enjoys CBD products and he supports the legalization of cannabis federally.

46. Beyonce: she’s a powerhouse of a singer and performer. She’s a CBD enthusiast, and there’s talk that she’s laying the framework to start a CBD business.

47. Drake: he’s a top-selling artist and rapper. He loves CBD, and he’s rumored to be a partner in a Canadian CBD company.

Influencers that Use and Endorse CBD

The following influencers are proud ambassadors of CBD:

48. Kim Kardashian: everybody knows the social media sensation that is Kim K. She says that she uses CBD to improve the quality of her sleep.

49. Fearne Cotton: this radio presenter is popular around the world. She claims that CBD helped her overcome panic attacks.

50. Kris Hallenga: she’s a columnist for the Sun, and the founder of breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel!. She says CBD helped with pain management and sleep.

51. Greg Williams: he’s a successful photographer and he advocates CBD for wellness.

52. Meg Mathews: she’s a socialite, loves CBD, and owns a CBD company known as MegsMenopause.

53. Stacy London: she’s a celebrated stylist and fashion designer. She first took CBD following surgery, and she advocates CBD for wellness.

54. Camilla Hansson: she’s a fashion model who got into CBD for managing menstrual cramps. She also owns a CBD company – Camilla Organics.

The Takeaway: Celebs for CBD

As you can see, your favorite people on the planet are getting on the CBD wave. Most people love CBD because it has no psychoactive effects, and it has massive therapeutic value. So, go ahead, and buy yourself some CBD tinctures, gummies, or topicals.