Lid Lube Grinder Lubricant Review

Lid Lube is an organic hemp seed oil lubricant that revives your grinder. If your grinder slows down or gets jammed, you simply apply Lid Lube to fix the problem.

Lid Lube is 100% natural and eco-friendly, and apart from grinders, you may also use it on door hinges and door wheels. It doesn’t contain dyes and other chemicals that cause deterioration.

Lid Lube is prepared with cold-pressed hemp seed oil. It saves you the trouble of wrestling with your grinder lid. And this product is very easy to use.

Just add some Lid Lube hemp oil lubricant to the male edge of your faulty grinder lid to unstick the grinder lid and continue performing the grinding with ease.

This 100% organic lubricant is excellent regardless of what material the grinder is made out of or what material it is coated with.

Important Things to Know

  • Lid Lube is made using 100% Canadian hemp seed oil, and the absence of dyes goes a long way in preserving the grinder.
  • Whether your grinder is made of wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, or silicone, Lid Lube still works extremely well as it contains no harsh chemicals.
  • It may have been created for grinders but it also works well for door hinges and door wheels and others items that require natural lubrication.
  • Lid Lube doesn’t have a peculiar taste or odor; no toxic substance; no cannabinoids including THC and CBD, but it provides a lasting solution in an instant, enabling you to never have to wrestle with your grinder again.
  • Lid Lube is manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, and the business is owned and managed by Richard Boucher’s family.

Lid Lube Accessories

The Lid Lube natural lubricator is the main product, but customers may also buy the following branded accessories:

Silicone-coated aluminum herb grinder: a visually striking herb grinder made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and also features a pollen catcher.

Stash bag combo pack: get all the important things in one package. It consists of a water-resistant and smell-proof stash bag, a silicone smoking pipe, an aluminum grinder, a vinyl sticker, and a rolling tray.

Apparel: show support to the company with different clothing items including t-shirts, trucker hats, and long sleeve shirts.

Cleaning brush: the brush has good bristles and a long handle making it easy to access every nook and cranny during cleaning.

Piece pipe and glass scrubbers: excellent for keeping your glass accessories clean.

Malleable bottle brush: enables you to easily get to the bottom of long glass pieces.

Pros of Lid Lube

  • Lid Lube is 100% organic. It be made from cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and it doesn’t have any chemicals or odors.
  • Lid Lube is effective despite the material. Whether your herb grinder is made of wood, plastic, metal, or ceramic, the Lid Lube is effective either way.
  • Combo packs. They offer money-saving packages of essential smoking accessories like brushes, grinders, and stash bags.
  • Long-lasting bottle. Lid Lube operates with maximum effectiveness, as it takes a small quantity of Lid Lube to restore your grinder to health, and so, you may use one bottle for a considerably long time.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If the product doesn’t work as described, you may return it within 30 days, and ask for your money back.
  • Made in Canada. Lid Lube was invented by a former Canadian soldier, there’s zero outsourcing, and everything is done out of Canada.

Cons of Lid Lube

  • Basic website. With the way their website looks at present, there’s room for improvement.


Herb grinders are very useful when it comes to grinding marijuana flowers into fine pieces that can be rolled into a joint or crammed into a bowl and smoked.

If a grinder is jammed, you experience difficulty grinding the herb. But you can use Lid Lube, the organic lubricator made of hemp seed oil, to restore the effectiveness of your herb grinder.

Lid Lube is made in Canada and is an important accessory for the people that love grinding flower. Check them out.

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