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Leafwell Botanicals Review

Leafwell Botanicals uses industrial hemp from licensed USA farmers. And their products undergo lab testing to meet (and surpass) quality standards.

Initially, their hemp products were meant for pets, since the founders had ties with animal rescue facilities. Hemp products helped pets to overcome their health problems.

But then the management saw it fit to make the transition from pet products to human products with Leafwell Botanicals and they never looked back.

With their amazing tinctures, body creams, and softgels, Leafwell Botanicals is helping people to lead a healthy existence.

It bills itself as a transparent company that involves its customers without making false claims to sell its products.

What Leafwell Botanicals Offers

Softgels: do you prefer discreet consumption of CBD? Then softgels would be perfect for you. The CBD is enclosed in a gelatinous material, and they are typically consumed orally, so they are digested first before getting spread around your body. For what they lack in terms of bioavailability they more than make up for it with prolonged effects.

Body cream: whether you have some skin condition or you experience soreness in a part of your body, you may use hemp cream to manage the condition. Body creams are loaded with phytocannabinoids and make for fast effects.

CBD drops: most people love CBD drops because they make for extremely fast effects. They are typically ingested sublingually and can stay for long periods without going bad.

Pros of Leafwell Botanicals

  • USA farmers. Leafwell Botanicals works with farmers who are experienced and can be depended on. These farmers grow hemp organically; without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical hazards. Unlike other CBD companies that use imported industrial hemp (often low-quality), Leafwell Botanicals supports American farmers.
  • Quality extraction. Leafwell Botanicals also employs quality extraction methods to ensure that they harvest quality CBD. Their advanced equipment also increases yield and automates the system.
  • Products are processed in a GMP-certified facility. Their products are prepared in top-notch facilities thus eliminating the possibility of mistakes. Quality products enhance the attainment of desired effects and result in customer satisfaction.
  • 3rd-party lab-testing. They want to be sure that their product is of the highest quality before they release it on the market. Some companies avoid these independent tests because of their questionable manufacturing practices and because it is expensive. But Leafwell Botanicals know that this is an essential step in creating superior products.
  • 30-days Free Trial. Leafwell Botanicals stands 100% behind their product. You have up to 30-days to change your mind on their product; you may send their product back and ask for a refund. They are providing his condition because they have confidence in their product that you will see results in a matter of days.
  • Affiliate program. If you want to make some money from this company, you may sign up to be an affiliate partner and share your affiliate link with other people, so you earn commissions when your referrals buy products from this company.
  • Wholesale prices. If you’re planning to start a CBD business, Leafwell Botanicals will show you their wholesale prices, so you might get a profit.

Cons of Leafwell Botanicals

  • Low social media presence. With that aged Facebook page of theirs, they don’t seem to realize they do their customers a great disservice.
  • Poor website design. Yep, their website seems to have been constructed by some amateur that didn’t know what they were doing.


Hemp-derived CBD is a powerful compound, and many people love using it to improve their health and increase their energy and mental focus.

Leafwell Botanicals is one of the companies offering hemp products, but their products are made out of premium hemp and processed in a GMP-certified facility.

Customer reviews are not many, but the customers seem to agree that Leafwell Botanical is a great company. Check them out.

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