King’s Pipe Review

You’ve got to admit that “King’s Pipe” is a winning name. I mean many smoking accessories companies have archaic, worn-out, ugly names.

As more people become aware of the health benefits of marijuana, there’s an increasing demand for cannabis and smoking accessories.

If you’re inexperienced with smoking accessories, you are an easy mark for scamsters, which is why we recommend making research before spending.

If you have found King’s Pipe, and you wonder whether it is good or bad, we will help you form an opinion about the company.

King’s Pipe was incorporated in California and they do business not just in America but also around the world.

What King’s Pipe Offers

Bongs: they make smoking marijuana sweeter. I mean, once the smoke coasts down into the water chamber, gets filtered and cooled down, then flows into your lungs with no irritation, you can draw a massive and satisfying bong rip.

Whether you are looking for water bongs, bubblers, or beaker bongs, King’s Pipe has them all. They are made out of quality material and wonderful designs.

Pipes: it takes a hand pipe to appreciate the unique flavors of cannabis. Pipes have a unique design and can be made out of different materials. King’s Pipe has glass pipes, wooden pipes, ceramic pipes, silicone pipes, and pipes made of different materials.

Accessories: you need different items to be able to smoke quality cannabis, and the more extensive your accessories, the better your smoking experience. With King’s Pipe, you may access the following accessories: grinders, dab tools, ash catchers, glass bowls, glass cleaners, downstems, keck clips, roach clips, quartz bangers, dab nails, and storage jars.

Vaporizers: with a vaping device, you get to enjoy the light and cool hits, and you get to savor the extensive flavor of cannabis. Vaping devices can be desktop, portable, and ultra-portable.

Pros of King’s Pipe

  • Quality design. They don’t just prepare equipment for the sake of functioning, but they also make sure that it features great art. Their products are made by true artists.
  • When we talk of durability, the main factor to look at is the material it is made of, and of course, acrylic and silicone equipment be more durable than glass equipment, but there’s also the aspect of how well-made the product is.
  • Highly cleanable equipment. You have to clean your smoking accessories on the regular, or else there’s gonna be an accumulation of harmful substances, and potential health risks.
  • Powerful screens. The screens do a superb job of catching the debris, and there’s none left in the smoke, enabling you to take perfect bong rips.
  • Great customer service. Their customer support desk is active, and they reply to queries within 24 hours, and customer issues are typically resolved fully, which is why you won’t see a barrage of bitter online reviews.
  • No sending of defective products. With some headshops, there are no quality control measures, and substandard products might get shipped to customers. But King’s Pipe ensures that items are checked and re-checked to avert the possibility of sending defects.

Cons of King’s Pipe

  • No extensive product range. Most smoke shops make sure to put on numerous products and items, making the customer spoilt for choice, but King’s Pipe appears moderate at best.
  • Inadequate payment methods. King’s Pipe is not to be blamed wholly, but still, they haven’t utilized all the payment options that they can.
  • Young and inexperienced. They have been in operation for a few years, and their service delivery may not be on par with decades-old smoke shops.


King’s Pipe may be a relatively young smoke shop, but it appears to be aiming for the number #1 spot.

They are looking for an angle that’s decidedly them, and they have done a good job of attracting a following.

With cannabis, it’s not just about the product, but the message too, and King’s Pipe has done a good job of making itself sound appealing to cannabis users. Check them out today.

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