The cannabis plant contains numerous phytocannabinoids. The two common ones are CBD & THC. Kat’s Naturals is changing lives with its premium CBD products.

Once you land on their website, you can see that they have been featured on authority sites like Rolling Stone, CNN, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and Fox Business.

Kat’s Naturals is founded by a cannabis expert, and the company is committed to making premium hemp products.

They have a wealth of information available on their website to empower customers on product use and help them choose products that fit their needs.

If you’re looking for quality CBD oil, there’s a decent chance you’re considering Kat’s Naturals.

What Kat’s Naturals Offers

CBD oil: this is a standard offering from CBD companies. CBD oil is versatile, highly potent, and may be consumed in a variety of ways. The CBD oil by Kat’s Naturals is enriched with essential oils and vitamins, and it be having different flavors. They have products based on both full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. Whether you’re looking to relax or manage a health condition, just administer the CBD sublingually and experience rapid effects.

CBD cream: if your joints, hips, and muscles are having problems, just put some CBD cream on the affected area and you’re good to go. CBD cream may also help with getting quality sleep.

Pros of Kat’s Naturals

  • Full-spectrum CBD. Hemp products with a wide array of phytocannabinoids usually have a greater health utility. Cannabinoids like CBN and CBG are in the acidic form, but they have numerous health advantages like fighting inflammation, pain, and nausea. Full-spectrum hemp products make for the synergistic working of cannabinoids thus causing rapid health improvement.
  • Organic flavors. Raw CBD oil is not the sweetest thing you’ll taste out there. Some people understand the health benefits of CBD but still won’t touch it because they can’t stomach that taste. So, what to do? Use flavorings. Kat’s Naturals uses organic flavorings to improve the taste of CBD oil. Organic ingredients hardly minimize the utility of a hemp product.
  • Ease of administering. Their products are accompanied by accessories to enhance delivery. For instance, their CBD oil has an oral syringe for easy administration. Their products also have a great design to improve the handling of products.
  • Save money. There are several ways to pay less for the same product. For one, if you subscribe, you be entitled to a 25% discount. You may check its On Sale product page to buy for less. If you buy bundles you get to pay less than buy the items separately. They also offer special discounts to veterans and the elderly.
  • 100% organic. All the products by Kat’s Naturals are purely organic. Their products are based on premium hemp sourced from licensed American farmers. Thus, their products make for rapid effects.
  • Enriched with nutrients. The more nutrient-rich a product is, the greater its health utility, and Kat’s Naturals products are infused with vitamins, essential oils, and terpenes to promote the restorative effects of hemp.
  • Unlike some CBD companies that charge an arm and a leg for high-potency products, Kat’s Naturals products are reasonably priced.

Cons of Kat’s Naturals

  • Low product variety. They don’t have a varied collection of hemp products, and thus CBD users may not always get what they are looking for.


The owner of Kat’s Naturals, Kat Merryfield, is an expert in the herbal and nutrition fields with more than 10 years of experience behind her.

Kat’s Naturals is in the business of making pure hemp products, and their products have great potency, and they use 100% organic ingredients.

The fact that this company is vouched for by authority sites like Cannabis Brightline and Rolling Stone tells you that they provide quality. Check them out.

Kat's Naturals