This Florida-based company was created in 2017. With varied CBD products, free shipping on orders above $20, and free returns, it’s easy to see why the company is rapidly expanding.

The owners of Just CBD have a mission of transforming the CBD industry through innovation and transparency. They operate with an unchanging philosophy of putting the customer first.

Some CBD companies make misleading claims and don’t even bother to put their products through 3rd party lab tests thus it is a great inconvenience to the unsuspecting customer.

Just CBD is dead set on having the greatest standards, which is why they have such a good name, and their crowd of loyal customers balloons by the day.

What Just CBD Offers

These are some of the products that they have:

CBD gummies: whether you work in a high-stress environment or you are on a summer vacation, CBD gummies can be a perfect way of boosting your energy and achieving mental relaxation.

CBD oil tinctures: they are typically ingested sublingually. CBD tinctures come in varying strengths and flavors. Just CBD tinctures are also enriched with organic nutrients.

CBD capsules: CBD capsules are practically cannabidiol enclosed in a gelatinous material. They are ingested orally, and the effects kick in slowly.

CBD vape pens: vape pens are ultra-portable and they make one of the best ways of ingesting CBD. Inhaling CBD causes high bioavailability. Their CBD vape pens have varied designs.

Pros of Just CBD

  • Impressive range of CBD products. Just CBD has an unchanging commitment to product quality. But they are also ambitious enough to widen the range of their products. And so, no matter your tastes or preferences, there’s going to be a product for you.
  • Wide range of flavors. The grassy taste of raw CBD oil doesn’t appeal to many people. Just CBD soups up the flavors of its CBD products to ensure that people enjoy the products. It’s also important to note that the flavors are enhanced through organic means.
  • 3rd party lab-tested. All products by Just CBD undergo lab-testing by independent labs. This proves to customers that their products are of the best quality. Lab tests are essential in establishing that the product contains no impurity, and that it has the best potency and consistency.
  • Effective at managing various problems. Many customers have a positive experience with Just CBD products. Numerous studies have shown that CBD is effective at minimizing pain, boosting calmness and relaxation, and increasing energy. And so, many people are ditching conventional wellness methods in favor of CBD products.
  • Excellent customer support. It doesn’t matter that a company has quality products, if their customer service is shit, the company is shit too. Just CBD has invested in trained personnel to handle their customer desk. So, customers don’t have anxiety as all their issues are resolved.
  • Transparent company. One of the reasons why Just CBD was started was that it wanted to set an example of excellence in the industry. The company is big on transparency. Customers wouldn’t be kept in the dark no more.
  • Information-rich website. With some CBD companies, you land on their website and only see the products they are selling aggressively and there is no other section. Just CBD caters to both veterans and newbies. If you’re new to CBD and have limited knowledge, there is content to help you understand CBD and make the best decisions.

Cons of Just CBD

  • No international shipping. It seems that the company only caters to the continental US market. But they might have subsidiaries in international markets.


As more people make the transition into organic cannabis products, there’s a need to highlight trustworthy and excellent cannabis companies.

Just CBD was started in 2017 and it is setting standards. The company offers premium and 100% organic CBD products.

They have an impressive range of products and they put their customers first. Check them out.

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