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Is the Dr. Dabber XS Worth It?

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Pros and Cons of Dr. Dabber XS


1. XS replacement e-chamber

2. XS replacement filling tool

3. XS replacement glass attachment

4. XS replacement carb cap with seal

5. Loading tool

6. XS unit

Step 1: Pour water into the glass attachment and connect to the Dr. Dabber.

Step 2: Install the carb cap seal and tether to the glass attachment.

Step 3: Prepare your concentrates or herbs and load them into the heating dish.

Step 4: Turn the device on, select your heating settings, and wait for the green light.

Step 5: Enjoy smooth and flavorful draws.

The charge time for the Dr. Dabber XS depends on the adapter deployed, but it generally takes 30 – 60 minutes for the Dr. Dabber XS to achieve full charge.

The XS incorporates precision heating technology, and supplies temperature levels of 475°, 525°, 575°, and 625°. These temperature levels are sufficient for quality dabbing.

Ideally, the best temperature ensures that your concentrate is fully vaporized without damaging the terpenes or flavor of the concentrates; this is around 500° – 600°.

Low-temperature dabs are significantly better than high-temperature dabs because the terpenes aren’t damaged and the pristine flavor of the concentrates isn’t distorted.

You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean various parts of your Dr. Dabber XS unit including the heating chamber, glass attachment, and the atomizer. Fill the accessory with isopropyl alcohol and shake it well and then rinse it. In case of stubborn stains, you can use a brush. When cleaning the shell, make sure to dilute the isopropyl alcohol.

1. EO Vape Electronic Dab Rig

2. Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig

3. Puffco Peak Pro Smart E-Rig

How long the Dr. Dabber atomizer lasts is dependent upon the frequency of use, and also how you clean and maintain it. The atomizer may be replaced in 3 – 12 months.

Yes, it’s 100% secure. The Dr. Dabber XS glass attachment is enhanced with leakproof technology and also features an easy-to-identify fill line which offers material security.

Different reasons could get in the way of your Dr. Dabber XS performance:

1. Check to see that the battery is charged.

2. Check to see that the unit is powered on.

3. Check to see that the atomizer is healthy.

The Dr. Dabber XS portable e-rig was launched on November 22, 2022.

When the Dr. Dabber XS is on, you will spot a series of blinking lights.

Unlike traditional dab rigs, the Dr. Dabber XS incorporates a portable design, thus you can take it anywhere for dabbing on the go.

Featuring a unique quartz dish and an outstanding knurling finish, the e-chamber is super durable.

No. The Dr. Dabber XS is designed for dabbing concentrates.

The temperature range of Dr. Dabber XS is 475°-625°. The following are the accompanying colors:

Purple: 475°F

Blue: 525°F

Cyan: 575°F

Green: 625°F


Yes, it helps with preventing your device from tipping over, and it helps in refilling.

The Dr. Dabber XS has a height of 6.47 inches, a diameter of 1.82 inches, and weighs 0.587 pounds.

It uses the 510 thread battery which typically allows 50 uses on a single charge.

Both are classic e-rigs, but the XS takes portable design and functionality a step higher.

Both offer a quality vaping experience, but XS is more appealing because it’s cheaper.

Hold time refers to the length of time the Dabber XS remains activated so you may enjoy your hit. The standard hold time for Dr. Dabber XS is around 15 seconds.

Thanks to its top-tier safety features, you can use the Dr. Dabber XS while charging the battery.

Yes. Dr. Dabber offers military and first responders discounts. Also, they provide free shipping for orders above $150.