It’s amazing how a substance that’s been prohibited for ages could have so many therapeutic benefits.

We can ingest CBD in several ways; tinctures, capsules, gummies, transdermal patches, tongue strips, vaping, etc.

Most people prefer CBD products that contain the whole spectrum of naturally-occurring compounds.

For instance, a CBD tincture that contains cannabidiol, THC, terpenes, essential oils, wax, and flavonoids holds the greatest medicinal value.

But then we have CBD isolates, which are basically the purest form of CBD in crystal and powder form.

Isolates usually undergo a complex extraction process to get rid of most compounds found in cannabidiol.

And so, considering that isolates are stripped of most of the compounds, would it be harmful or dangerous to smoke them?

CBD Isolate VS Full Spectrum

When you load up industrial hemp in a supercritical carbon dioxide machine, the oil you extract is typically full-spectrum.

In other words, the machine strips all active compounds from the hemp flower, mostly cannabinoids.

Products that contain a wide spectrum of cannabinoids are considered superior to products with limited cannabinoid profiles.

The purest form of cannabidiol doesn’t have tremendous therapeutic effects.

And so, if you have CBD crystals, and are thinking of crushing them into a fine powder to create a smokable, you may wonder whether there’s any risk in it.

No Entourage Effect

Isolates will not have you experience the entourage effect. The entourage effect describes the process where cannabinoids work in harmony to enhance the desired effects.

Most people who take CBD products are looking to manage a health problem, usually chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and addiction problems.

A product that contains 99% cannabidiol lacks enough active compounds to trigger this phenomenon.

And even though it’s not harmful, it can water down product effectiveness, and make it difficult to manage your condition.


Depending on your age and weight, there’s a limit you mustn’t surpass when it comes to ingesting cannabidiol.

But if you do it anyway, it doesn’t compare to what it would be like if you consume more marijuana than you should.

With marijuana, there are high THC levels, and a marijuana overdose would practically bend your mind.

It’s less common to overdose CBD when using full-spectrum products, as opposed to isolates since the effects are rapid.

But what happens when you take a cannabidiol product that is 99% pure? The chances of overdosing increase a hundredfold.

The side effects are exacerbated when you smoke, considering the compound is not be metabolized, but it goes to your lungs first, then straight to your head.

You become lethargic: when you take more cannabidiol than you should, you become enveloped with a hazy feeling, so that you don’t feel like doing anything. I mean, in these hard economic times, who can afford to sit around and still have it together?

You diarrhea: if you wake up and smoke a few spliffs of pure CBD, later in the day you may have an explosive bathroom break. High cannabidiol concentrations usually get in the way of digestion and alarm your immune system.

Loss of appetite: as noted earlier, smoking isolates increases overdose risk. It can have you losing appetite. You may also throw up when you ingest the tiniest bits of food and drink. Prolonged loss of appetite would raise several health problems.

Sweating: overdosing would predispose you to excessive sweating. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to be seated across from your boss on a Monday morning only to have your back and thighs drenched in sweat?

Should I Smoke CBD Isolate?

Unless you are super careful with the dose!

You see, the quantity required to fill out a cigarette is massive.

Smoking cannabidiol sets you up for overdosing.

Thankfully, there aren’t any major consequences, but the side effects should discourage you anyways.