So, you came across this online article about the benefits of CBD, and you are considering taking it, but you hesitate because of one problem: you’re pregnant. Are your fears valid?

CBD is incredibly versatile; manufacturers be coming up with all sorts of infused products; candies, sodas, beers, lotions, makeup, you name it.

If there is a human being growing inside of you, experts advise that you avoid taking CBD oil. Mothers that consume cannabis products during pregnancy are at risk of giving birth to underweight babies.

But whatever you consume while pregnant, a portion of it goes to the baby, and if you ingest CBD, which contains varied cannabinoids, it may not hurt the mother, but what about the baby?

What are the Best CBD Alternatives for Pregnant Women?

As the little human grows inside of you, your body makes the conditions right for the baby, supplying it with constant nourishment.

On the other hand, the mother experiences a range of challenges, from nausea, to insomnia, and anxiety.

At this point, using CBD oil can sound very appealing, except they shouldn’t use it, because cannabis compounds would break past the placenta and flood the embryo.

1. Manage nausea with spices

You may very well manage your nausea by preparing dishes with spices like ginger, peppermint, and cinnamon.

The spices are nutrient-rich. They promote easy digestion and they help your body to have stable blood circulation.

Avoid greasy foods because they would trigger nausea even when you be not pregnant.

2. Manage insomnia with natural foods and drinks

When you’re pregnant, you may find yourself not being able to fall (and stay) asleep. You constantly think about the little human in your stomach.

One of the best ways to overcome insomnia is by consuming a blend of milk and honey before you go to bed.

They increase serotonin, the brain’s sedative chemical, thus enabling you to fall asleep like a log.

3. Manage anxiety with friends and talk therapy

When you’re pregnant, you most certainly feel vulnerable, and most things (and people) can give you anxiety.

In this moment of vulnerability, make sure to not isolate yourself, as it would give room to negative whispers in your head.

But surround yourself with the people that you love and trust, and make a habit of talking out your feelings. It makes you get over your fears and anxieties.

What about CBD Bath Bombs?

After a long day of waddling around, and struggling with unstable moods, taking a long bath with CBD bath bombs might seem like a good idea.

Is it okay? Yes, it is!

You see, the CBD would merely get absorbed via your skin, and there would be negligible amounts to reach your blood and coast to the baby.

The good Lord knows you need a long bath with the assistance of CBD bath bombs to wash away your anxieties and put your mind in a state of calm and relaxation.

But make sure to buy CBD bath bombs from reliable CBD companies whose products are tested for quality by independent labs.

Does CBD Oil Improve Fertility?

Both sperm and fallopian tubes have endocannabinoid receptors. In men, CBD enhances sperm health, and in women, CBD promotes rapid fertilization of eggs.

In that sense, CBD actually promotes fertility in both men and women, thus helping the users to create healthy offspring.

But this usually is the case with regular CBD use. CBD is incredibly versatile and may be easily incorporated into a person’s daily routine.

Can the Use of CBD Oil While Pregnant Cause a Miscarriage?

There’s no research to indicate that would be the case, but considering that CBD contains small quantities of THC, a mind-altering compound, it’s best to assume that CBD oil would not take well to the underdeveloped brain of the baby.