Is Influencer Marketing the Only Way of Promoting My CBD Business?

Maybe you want to set up your CBD business, or have already set it up, and are wondering how to increase customers.

Marketing is the main thing to accelerate sales and grow your business. It might seem like most CBD businesses rely on influencers to push their products, but is that your only option? Nope.

There are several ways of putting your brand out there, driving sales, and accomplishing your business goals. When it comes to marketing, the CBD industry is steeped with challenges, mainly because of pushback by internet sites like Facebook and PayPal. But still, you can market your business and see success.

Benefits of Marketing Your CBD Business with the Right Methods

Thanks to the internet, you’re spared the inconvenience of having to burn a ton of cash through traditional advertising. Nowadays, there are several marketing methods that you can leverage to grow your CBD business and achieve the following:

New customers: many people that launch their CBD companies usually rely on their friends to keep the orders rolling. But relying on friends alone usually backfires. You need new customers. Good thing is that people out there are looking for cannabidiol for various reasons [1]. And so, quality marketing helps you attract new buyers.

Brand image: the CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing. If you’re not creative, your company could easily become just another CBD company. But you can leverage marketing tools to ensure that you have a standout CBD brand. For instance, think about Charlotte’s Web. They are so unique.

Customer Retention: marketing not only helps with attracting new customers but also retaining them, especially if you make your company about more than just mindless consumption. At the end of the day, it’s repeat business that enables companies to reach the stars.

CBD Business Growth Strategies

And so, if you have a CBD business, you’re looking to drive sales, and increase the visibility of your brand. But the most critical thing is to ensure you offer quality products and services.

See, it doesn’t matter how strong your marketing game is, but if you’re providing low-quality products or services, customers will catch up with you and desert you.

Having quality CBD products means your products are based on premium, natural hemp extracts, and have undergone 3rd party lab testing.

With stellar products, and a good customer service team, that’s how you attract and retain customers, and that’s how you build an exceptional business reputation.

The following are some of the strategies for growing your business:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a CBD business, you need a website, but the website shouldn’t just sit around with your contact details and order forms. You should seed it with quality content, and follow various SEO practices so that you attract raw organic traffic.

One of the areas that people fail with SEO is waiting to get overnight results. SEO generally involves a ton of work, which must be done consistently, and once results start showing, you mustn’t stop. You can always hire an SEO specialist to make work easier.

2. Influencer Marketing

This is what most CBD businesses seem to be doing. If you’re into combat sports, particularly boxing and MMA, you’ll have noticed that many athletes in these sports are brand ambassadors for various CBD businesses.

Influencer marketing is whereby an influencer, typically someone with a following, recommends a product to their followers. Influencing is a marketing model with amazing results for businesses [2].

3. Networking

This is an underrated method of promoting your business. The CBD market consists of thousands of businesses. You’ll notice that most leaders of the top CBD businesses run together like wolves and it gives them greater leverage.

And so, if you have a CBD business, the last thing you want to do is isolate yourself. Put yourself out there; socialize with other CBD business owners, and you’ll notice more opportunities for growth coming to your side.

One of the best opportunities for connecting with industry people and growing your networks is through attending trade shows. Check to see whether there are CBD-related events in America or overseas that you can attend.

4. Leverage Affiliates

Many businesses have relied on affiliate marketers to accomplish their revenue goals. Affiliates marketers are parties that earn a commission for every successful business referral they send your way.

You can create an affiliate program for your business, or you can sign up to an affiliate network and have 3rd party affiliates promoting your business. Affiliate programs typically rely on various technologies to shun deceptive and fraudulent activities.

The thing is affiliate marketers get paid when you make money. And so, you can take advantage of this no-loss marketing model to elevate your business.

5. Email Marketing

For nearly everyone, a day cannot pass without checking one’s emails. And so, it’s important to collect the contact details of your target audience and perform email marketing.

If you send aggressive marketing emails, you’re doing it wrong. You should first supply tremendous value before suggesting they buy your products.

Also, you should show them how your product can positively contribute to their lives. Thankfully, CBD oil has massive benefits. For instance, it can help with alleviating stress and anxiety [3].

It’s recommended to incentivize email submissions. For instance, you can promise a free course on CBD meals for anyone that submits their details.

6. Social Media

Facebook and Instagram may appear hostile to cannabis businesses, but the truth is, if you decline to use these platforms, you’re leaving a ton of cash on the table.

As CBD marketers will tell you, subtlety is the name of the game. When using social media to market your brand, be subtle.

Create social media handles for your business, and publish stories, run offers, and do various things to provide value, and watch your business grow.

The Takeaway: Growing Your CBD Business

Successful CBD brands are standing on tremendous sweat and sacrifice. Remember, the CBD market is sort of saturated. You need to have a special angle, and your brand needs to be about something so that you avoid being just another green company.


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