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Is Hydroponic Weed Safer than Regular Weed?

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Hydroponic weed refers to weed that relies on a water-based growing medium instead of soil.

One hydroponic setup involves submerging the roots into the water-based growing medium.

Another setup involves growing weed in a soil-free container that’s attached to a water source.

In the latter setup, the container usually contains a mixture of perlite, sand, and coconut fiber.

When you set up an hydroponics grow system, you can grow weed throughout the year.

When you compare hydroponic weed to soil-grown weed, there are certainly a few differences.

One of the differences is potency. Hydroponic weed is stronger than soil-grown weed. If you smoke hydroponically grown weed, the high will be bigger than if you smoke soil-grown weed.

Also, hydroponic weed is safer or healthier than soil-grown weed. Hydroponic grow setups are fully controlled, they usually don’t have any pesticides or heavy metals, unlike soil-grown weed.

What is hydroponic weed?

The conventional method of growing cannabis plants involves using soil as a growing medium.

But hydroponic weed involves growing weed with a soilless and nutrient-rich growing medium.

Hydroponic systems can either be active or passive, depending on how they are built.

Active hydroponic systems involve moving nutrients using electric pumps and air stones. These systems are ideal for large operations; they are water-efficient and easy to automate.

Passive hydroponic systems involve moving nutrients using simple styles like capillary action. These setups are affordable and easy to set up, and generally more appealing to beginners.

To grow the highest quality hydroponic weed, you need to observe the following measures:

1. Ensure you’re using an ideal cannabis strain that’s highly agreeable with hydroponics

2. Ensure you test the pH levels regularly to optimize the pH levels

3. Check the temperatures of the hydroponics systems to prevent plants from getting stunted

4. Ensure you apply the hydroponic nutrients with the required frequency and amount

5. Ensure the hydroponic setup is clean and free of contaminants

6. Install light timers to ensure your weed receives sufficient light

7. Regulate the humidity to deter the activity of fungus and mildew

8. Ensure there’s great aeration and supply of C02 to accelerate plant growth

Hydroponic growing methods

To grow hydroponic weed, you’ll need a nutrient solution and a soil-less medium.

Hydroponic growing can be executed using the following models:

  • Wick system
  • Water culture
  • Drip system
  • Ebb and flow
  • Nutrient film technique

Wick system is a simple and inexpensive setup. Wicks are installed at the nutrient solution reservoir and are then connected to the grow trays where the roots are anchored.

Water culture involves placing the plants above the nutrient solution dispenser, so the roots are somewhat submerged, and then an air pump is used to aerate the roots of the weed plants.

Drip system is one of the popular hydroponic models. It features a pump that delivers the nutrient solution to the growing medium at regular intervals, giving the plants nutrients.

Ebb and flow is a hydroponic system in which the grow trays are flooded with a nutrient solution and then drained, periodically.

Nutrient flow technique is a hydroponic growing system where the nutrient solution flows constantly to the plants. The solution drains back to the reservoir and gets pumped back up.

Does hydroponic weed have faster growth?

Hydroponic weed grows at a faster rate as compared to soil-grown weed.

With hydroponics, nutrient uptake is more efficient, allowing plants to grow faster.

Also, the hydroponic growing setups make for bigger yields than soil-grown weed.

Hydroponics promote a faster conveyance of nutrient solution, thus bigger yields.

Hydroponic weed reaches flowering much faster as compared to soil-grown weed.

However, one of the things that influence growth rate and yield is the nutrients.

Always supply nutrients. Some essential nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Generally, you should feed your weed with nutrients at least two times per week.

To facilitate good airflow, ensure that you prune your weed.

Since hydroponic weed has more potency, it typically has a conspicuous smell.

Pros of growing hydroponic weed

1. It doesn’t require soil, thus it can be grown anywhere including in apartments and homes

2. There’s minimal water wastage as water is recycled, unlike soil medium where water is lost

3. It gives you full control of the grow room and environmental conditions

4. You don’t have to apply pesticides since there’s no soil to attract pests

Cons of growing hydroponic weed

1. The investment for setting up and maintaining a hydroponic setup may be higher than soil

2. The moisture expelled by the hydroponic setup can cause some fixture-damaging effects

3. In case of poor maintenance, mold can spread very quickly

4. Setting up and managing a hydroponic setup can prove to be somewhat complex

Hydroponic weed vs soil-grown weed

Both hydroponic weed and soil-grown weed have their pros.

Hydroponic weed is water efficient, achieves greater yields, and allows you to control factors.

On the other hand, soil-grown weed is relatively inexpensive and achieves greater aroma.

But if you; ‘re to choose the best option; hydroponic weed are better than soil-grown weed. This is because hydroponic weed is more potent, safer, and healthier, and attracts a bigger yield.

Hydroponic weed is not bad for you, but if you’re new to weed, you may experience the common side effects including dizziness and nausea.

Also, hydroponic weed is a little bit pricier than soil-grown weed.

The takeaway: is hydroponic weed safer than soil-grown weed?

Hydroponic weed is grown in indoor setups with a water-based, nutrient-enriched medium, and a controlled environment.

Pests and heavy metals typically have no access to hydroponic weed, but the same cannot be said of soil-grown weed.

Therefore, hydroponic weed grows within the best conditions and is safer or healthier as compared to soil-grown weed.