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Is Delta-8 THC Psychoactive and Addictive?

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Delta-8 THC is one of the cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. Currently, there’s a ton of politics surrounding it, but the popularity of delta-8 THC is on the rise.

Many people associate the term THC with psychotropic and euphoric effects. Although Delta-8 THC is related to delta-9 THC, it typically exhibits watered-down effects.

Delta-8 THC may be extracted from either the marijuana or hemp plant, but currently, most Delta-8 THC products are based on hemp extracts.

People that live in jurisdictions where delta-9 THC is prohibited usually gravitate toward delta-8 THC as it can arouse a feebler version of delta-9 THC effects [1].

Whether you saw an article (or heard from friends) about the benefits of delta-8 THC, and are looking to consume it, your biggest questions are probably whether delta-8 THC has any psychoactive and addictive properties.

Is Delta-8 THC Psychoactive and Addictive?

Psychoactive substances are that which can alter how the brain works and typically influence your mood, awareness, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Psychoactive substances exist in both legal and illegal forms. Some of the legal psychoactive substances include alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, and nicotine. Some of the illegals include heroin, cocaine, and LSD.

Both delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC have identical molecular formulas. And so, delta-9 THC produces strong psychotropic effects whereas delta-8 THC produces milder euphoric effects.

Psychoactive substances usually exhibit considerable addictive properties. But even though delta-8 THC doesn’t have a rapid addictive capability, you can potentially get hooked if you use it badly.

Delta-8 THC doesn’t contain powerful psychotropic elements. And so, it would take a while before you started to experience dependency. One of the tips for ingesting delta-8 THC without getting addicted is taking breaks occasionally to avoid wrecking your tolerance [2].

But if you use delta-8 THC badly, you might develop an addiction. Some of the signs that you are addicted to delta-8 include being absentminded, restless, and anxious when you haven’t ingested the ever-increasing dosages. There are numerous delta 8 products including oils, gummies, and vapes.

Delta-9 VS Delta-8 VS CBD: What’s the Difference?

When we talk about THC, we often mean delta-9 THC, which is the solidly psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. Pristine Delta-9 THC exists in the marijuana plant. But the delta-9 THC found in hemp plants is usually in small quantities.

If delta-9 THC was a boxer, it would be a nasty southpaw that hits like a mule kicks, but then delta-8 THC would be an amateur boxer that still hits, although not as badly as delta-9 THC.

CBD is also a phytocannabinoid of the cannabis plant, but unlike delta-9 and delta-8 THC, CBD doesn’t possess any psychotropic effects [3]. In other words, you cannot experience a mental high from ingesting CBD.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

Some cannabis media report that delta-8 is legal, while some others report that it’s illegal. The legality of delta-8 is a little bit contentious.

On the one hand, delta-8 produces mild psychotropic effects, characteristic of delta-9, which is federally illegal. But on the other hand, delta-8 is derived from the hemp plant, whose products were legalized through the passing of the Farm Bill.

Some federal bodies have gone as far as raiding businesses that deal in delta-8 THC. But it seems that the enforcement of the supposed law regarding delta-8 is dependent on the state that you live in. Some states are averse to the sale of delta-8 while others couldn’t care less.

To avoid facing trouble, you need to study the attitude toward delta-8 in your state. If there are numerous delta-8 retailers, and zealous consumers, go with it.

Is Delta-8 Safe?

There’s no fatal case ever recorded from consumption of delta-8 THC. But this is not to say that every delta-8 product is safe for consumption.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you buy delta-8 products that are of high standards. Various things indicate high standards.

For one, the product needs to be 3rd party lab tested. This is a sign that the product is free of harmful contaminants like fungicides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

The delta-8 product should also be made with organically-farmed industrial hemp and processed within GMP-certified facilities. All these factors are essential in the making of quality delta-8 THC products.

What’s the Proper Delta-8 THC Dosage?

There’s no standard dosage that is ideal for everyone, and this is because everyone is defined by a set of characteristics that ultimately determine the dosage.

For instance, if you’re a veteran marijuana consumer, you might perceive delta-8 products as having weak psychotropic effects, which might tempt you to raise the dosage.

But if you’re new to cannabis, and your first experience is with delta-8 vapes or gummies, the mild psychotropic effects will likely induce a mental high.

Generally, delta-8 THC products are perceived to contain lower than half the potency of delta-9 THC products. And so, a 30 mg delta-8 vape would translate into a 10 mg delta-9 THC vape.

If your delta-8 products have dosage recommendations, it’s prudent to follow them. You may also use an online dosage calculator or enlist the help of a health professional.

Can Delta-8 Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

In some lines of work, drug tests are quite common, but nobody wants to lose their job because they had ingested some cannabis products.

When drug tests are performed, the authorities are usually looking for prohibited chemicals. Thus, if you have ingested delta-8, the THC will show up.

THC is a federally illegal substance. But then delta-8 typically contains low levels of THC, and delta-8 is technically legal, so, there’s a good chance of not being affected.

Benefits of Delta-8 THC

People are turning to delta-8 products for diverse reasons:

1. Helps Manage Nausea

No worse feeling than constantly wanting to throw up. It makes you withdraw from social engagements and puts you in an uncomfortable physical and mental position. Delta-8 THC is suggested to help with eliminating nausea.

2. Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the essential elements of a quality life. But various factors can deny you quality sleep. Some of these factors include sleep disorders and poor lifestyles. Delta-8 THC may help with eliminating sleep disorders and improve your sleep quality.

3. Promotes Appetite

If you’ve witnessed a disgusting thing, something that leaves you feeling nasty inside, losing your appetite temporarily shouldn’t be alarming. But if you constantly struggle with appetite loss, this could greatly inhibit your health. Delta-8 is suggested to help with remedying low appetite.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 THC Products and What Factors Should I Consider?

You can get quality delta-8 from both retail outlets and e-commerce stores. It’s recommended that you buy from a business that specializes in delta-8.

Not all sellers are genuine. Some of them are trying to make a quick buck and they target ignorant customers. The following are some of the things to consider:

Hemp source: quality delta-8 products are based on organically-farmed industrial hemp. Avoid cannabis products that comprise unnatural, chemically-engineered ingredients.

Quality processing: delta-8 exists in low quantities in the hemp plant. And so, a good manufacturing facility is more reliable than a third-rate manufacturing facility.

Independent lab tests: lab tests help with verifying that the products have the correct ingredients and don’t have any harmful agents like pesticides. So, check to see if the delta-8 products have been lab-tested.

Reputation: one of the ways to check the reputation of a company or product is to look at online reviews to see what previous customers are saying about the company.

Does Delta 8 Have Any Side Effects?

Most people consume delta 8 products without experiencing any side effects. But the following side effects have been reported by a small percentage of delta 8 consumers:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Temporary memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • Slow coordination

What is FDA’s Stance On Delta 8?

The FDA is the federal organ that determines which items are safe for public consumption. Previously, the FDA expressed disapproval of delta-8 THC products. But as new evidence on the therapeutic benefits of THC come to light, it has relented from attacking delta 8 businesses. The demand for delta 8 products is steep and ever-increasing.


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