Indica Marijuana Strains that Enhance Neurogenesis

Research shows that cannabinoids promote neurogenesis.

Neurogenesis is the formation of new brain cells. It’s a process that supercharges cognitive functions.

If you engage in contact sports and pick up a brain injury, you are going to experience memory lapses.

One of the ways to manage your condition would be initiating neurogenesis.

Working out, eating healthy, and having restful sleep are some of the activities that promote the birth of new brain cells.

Turns out that cannabis can help promote neurogenesis too. Many seniors use it to supercharge their brains.

It’s an essential process that boosts efficiency and minimizes the effects of aging.

Marijuana strains that promote neurogenesis

The following indica marijuana strains are particularly beneficial in promoting neurogenesis:

1. Orange Kush

Created by the Spanish breeders, Green Devil Genetics, this strain is a cross between OG Kush and Orange Bud. Orange Kush is renowned for its slowly-built potent effects. It acquires most of its characteristics from the male parent (OG Kush) and some users complain of feeling sedated. The perfect balance of sativa and indica ensures that the strain has a unique terpene profile, thus fruity aromas, spicy flavor, and a pleasant aftertaste. Marijuana growers love Orange Kush because of its high resistance against mold and pest.

2. Rockstar

This indica-dominant strain is the result of crossing Sensi Star with Rockbud. The strain delivers potent effects, yes, but there won’t be any lethargy. Its aroma is reminiscent of grape and spice, and it triggers long-lasting cerebral effects. This strain became runners up in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. With THC levels averaging 17%, Rockstar seizes you slowly, building a tsunami of euphoric feelings in your brain and spreading the buzz around your body. The breeders who created this strain have never come out.

3. Diamond OG

It gets the name diamond from its beautiful nugs; dark buds, with a film of starry trichomes, and flaming pistils. The buds are average-size and deliver an everlasting high. Diamond OG was created by breeding OG Kush with an unnamed strain. It’s a perfect sativa and indica blend, producing a citrusy aroma, with a tinge of tangerine and diesel. This potent hybrid strain contains as much as 17% THC and is beloved by marijuana users around the world.

4. True OG

Native to California, True OG was created by Elemental Seeds, and its dominant genetics are inherited from OG Kush. This strain is 100% indica, and its THC levels are as high as 22%. The high is usually slow in coming, but once it arrives, it hangs on for long. With its unique terpene profile, true OG produces amazing scents and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Its buds are on the chunky side, and the feathery trichomes densely adorn the buds, a clear sign that it contains exceptional levels of THC. This strain that also goes by the moniker “Kobe OG” has carried the cup home in several competitions and is renowned across the world.

5. Triangle Kush

This strain consists of 85% indica and 15% sativa and it’s native to Florida. It contains high THC levels and low CBD levels. Cannabis enthusiasts love it for its calming and relaxing effects. It slowly evokes euphoric feelings and is beloved by people who battle anxiety and panic attacks. The name “Triangle Kush” is borrowed from Florida’s cities that produce marijuana: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa.

6. White Tahoe Cookies

This indica-dominant strain is a cross between GSC, The White, and Tahoe OG. Thanks to its complex terpenes, it produces a pleasant, citrusy aroma, with a zesty tinge. The effects are hard-hitting. The buds are yellow-green, with flaming pistils, and thick resin. White Tahoe Cookies was developed by the US-based breeders, Kush4Breakfast, and distributed by Archive Seed Bank.