Marijuana helps relieve the pain associated with cervical disc disease.

When you have this condition (cervical disc disease) both your neck and arms are enveloped in pain.

This disorder occurs when the protective discs around the cervical spine wears thin from wear and tear.

The protective cartilage cushions the vertical spine from harm and keeps vertebral bones from grinding against each other.

Considering that the cartilage doesn’t experience new cell growth, advance in age makes one susceptible to this condition.

Some other factors that increase the likelihood of getting this disease include smoking, obesity, and family history.

Most people with this condition experience neck pain, but it can also radiate throughout their shoulders and arms.

If the cervical discs herniate toward the spinal cord, it can cause severe neurologic problems.

People with this condition can use marijuana to minimize their pain and inflammation.

Top Marijuana Strains for Cervical Disc Disease

The following indica marijuana strains are excellent for managing the symptoms of cervical disc disease.

1. Nothern Hashplant

The Nothern Hashplant is a cross between Nothern Lights with 88 G13 Hashplant. With amazingly high THC levels and a unique terpene profile, this strain produces a nutty and woody aroma. Nothern Hashplant was created by a Holland-based breeder, The Seed Bank, and has won several awards. This strain delivers strong effects, and thanks to its high THC levels, the effects are almost instantaneous. The buds are large, with a greenish hue, and covered by a film of starry trichomes. This indica-dominant strain is popular across the world.

2. Blue Zkittlez

This indica-dominant strain was created by the California-based breeder, Dying Breed Seeds, by mixing Blue Diamond with Zkittlez. Upon hitting the flowering stage, the strain produces a strong and unmistakable scent, with a citrusy and floral aroma. Blue Zkittlez contains high THC levels, and it’s awesome for pain and inflammation relief. This strain is a perfect balance between indica and sativa, and with its refreshing herbal aftertaste, it helps people relax and be calm.

3. Dolato

Dolato also goes by Dosi-Lato or Do-Si-Lato, and it’s an indica-dominant strain descended from Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Dos. The flower is radiant with its green hue and orange hairs and star-like trichomes. With a complex terpene profile, Dolato sends up a citrusy aroma and a tasty lavender flavor. Breeders love this indica-dominant strain because they can cultivate it both indoors and outdoors. People love it because it enables them to relax without feeling sedated.

4. El Jefe

It also goes by the name Jefe OG, and this strain was created by the Colorado-based Rare Dankness Seeds by crossing Rare Dankness #1 with Abusive OG. It triggers a cerebral high that soon envelops your whole body. This famous indica-dominant strain has a nutty flavor, with a spicy edge, and is celebrated around the world. Most people go for this strain when they are looking to escape woe and experience prolonged euphoria.

5. Monster Cookies

With calming, slightly sedative effects, this indica-dominant strain was created by combining Granddaddy Purple with Girl Scout Cookies. The effects are quick in coming, enhancing relaxation and euphoria. With a top terpene profile, the strain has a mix of grape and berry flavors. The silvery trichomes envelop the bud, adding to the beauty. However, considering its sedative properties, this strain is ideal for nighttime use.

6. Blackwater

This strain is a result of combining San Fernando Valley OG Kush with Mendo Purps. The buds have a lilac hue, and produce a fruity aroma, with lemon undertones. This strain is excellent in eliminating pain, loss of appetite, and multiple sclerosis. On the downside, it can have sedative properties, and so it’s not great for daytime use, especially if you’re in the middle of an activity. Its name “Blackwater” is borrowed from the Bush-era security outfit.