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Important Things To Know About Stash Gear

Stash gear is used for the safe storage of flower and smoking accessories. They consist of items like jars, bags, boxes, and tins.

Cannabis is a gift from Mother Nature but it needs to be consumed while fresh. People typically use stash boxes to preserve their bud and safely store cannabis paraphernalia.

A stash box minimizes humidity, deters mold colonies, and confines the marijuana scent, thus enabling you to easily handle things.

Stash boxes and containers have an extensive range of shapes and designs. Most people love creatively-designed stash gear as they pass off as regular items and never attract negative attention.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Stash Gear

Who wants to smoke old and discolored bud? No one

By leveraging stash boxes, you may keep your flower fresh for a long time.

Don’t buy the first stash box that pops up on your computer as an ad.

There are various things to consider when buying a stash box.

1. What is it made of?

Stash boxes can be made out of different materials like wood, metal, fabric, silicone, etc. Each material be having its pros and cons. For instance, metal stash boxes are super durable, but then you can lose some of your plant resources owing to sticky metal. But silicone stash boxes are non-stick.

2. Does it have humidity control?

A quality stash box needs to regulate humidity. If the bud is too wet, it’s going to have a bad taste, and if the bud is too dry, it also going to taste just as bad. Excessive moisture makes the environment conducive to mold. Just get you a stash box with humidity control.

3. Is the size appealing?

We don’t all smoke the same quantity of marijuana. Some people smoke tiny portions between lengthy breaks and then some people smoke marijuana as if their lives depend on it. If you’re a lightweight smoker, buy a tiny stash box, and if you’re a heavy smoker, get a large one.

4. Is it smell-proof?

In certain places, if you have marijuana on you, you are forced to look over your shoulders. It’s BIG injustice considering that lovers of booze and cigar, like really harmful products, don’t have anyone hunting their heads. If you’re in a region with cumbersome marijuana laws, or you’re surrounded by snobs and busy-bodies (they’re everywhere), you don’t want the marijuana scent emanating from your pocket or bag. And so, always buy smell-proof stash boxes.

5. Is it tamper-proof?

There are categories of people that would like to get into your stash box without your approval. Friends. Kids. Especially kids.

It’s not good for kids to smoke marijuana because THC causes powerful cerebral effects and then kids don’t recognize the right dosage.

In some way, cannabis is like sex, and sex is good. But it’s only good when done between adults. Not between kids.

I have used so many words to say that you need a stash box that is tamper-proof and installed with reliable security.

Always Keep This in Mind When You Improvise a Stash Box

Maybe you don’t have the funds to buy a new stash box and you desperately need something to preserve your marijuana buds.

You may be tempted to convert that old plastic bottle sitting by your window into a stash container. I mean, it’s got a lid, and you only have to squeeze the container’s middle to pop the lid open.

But wait a minute, the plastic container might contain BPA, a harmful chemical compound that might complicate your reproductive health, immunity, and neurological health.

Before you improvise a tool or container, perform research first to see that it doesn’t contain any harmful elements.