Do you use an herb grinder with a chamber for collecting pollen? It means you want to utilize all of your plant resources, and with a pollen press, you may transform the resinous glands into hash.

The resinous glands comprise trichomes or crystals, and this is what is commonly known as pollen or kief. Once dried, the pollen is used to make hash.

The pollen press is a smallish tool that enables you to compress pollen into tight cakes. Pollen presses have varying designs and functionalities.

A pollen press is made up of flat caps, a barrel, and a t-handle. When making a hash puck, you have to be careful or you end up losing a good amount.

The advantages to using a pollen press are numerous; they include, minimizing wastage of herb resources, and improving storage, packaging, and potency.

Making Hash Pucks with a Pollen Press

The average marijuana consumer acquires pollen when using an herb grinder, where the pollen collects at the screen, but if they grow cannabis, they can also shake the pollen off the fresh buds.

With a pollen press, you can create hash pellets in a few hours. By creating hash coins or pellets, you can preserve potency and prolong the shelf life.

Hash pucks are versatile. There are many ways of preparing them, but a pollen press makes for the easiest method.

The following instructions detail how to make hash pucks with a pollen press:

  • Air out your herb grinder so that the pollen is dry, not moldy or soggy, and then gather your pollen on a flat surface.
  • Put the pollen press in an upright position and open its end.
  • Slowly pour the dry pollen into the barrel.
  • Once you’re done putting the pollen into the pollen press, now close it.
  • Get a hold of the t-handle and turn it clockwise until things are pretty tight.
  • Put the pollen press in a dry and cool area and allow the pollen to be compressed for around eight hours.
  • For the best results, ensure that you screw the pollen tighter every hour.
  • Take off the caps and pins and carefully remove your hash.
  • Store your hash pucks in an airtight container in a dry and cool place.

If you want to make the hash puck harder, you can extend the hours, but don’t take it to the extremes of like 36+ hours for it might be super hard to remove it.

Different Ways of Smoking Hash Puck

Now you’ve got your hash puck, and you’re ready to spoil yourself, how do you go about it?

You may smoke hash along with the ground flower, or you may smoke hash by itself. To smoke hash along with the ground flower, you just pack the bowl with flower and then place hash at the top, and spark it. This arrangement prolongs the smoking session and makes for potent hits.

If you want to smoke hash by itself, there are several ways to go about it:

1. Hot Knife Method

This is a very basic method of consuming hash, but we discourage it because it is archaic, and can put you at risk of harm. You’ll need two knives and a blowtorch.

  • Open the blowtorch and heat the pointed ends of both knives.
  • Place a small piece of the hash on one knife.
  • Place the other knife against the hash so that smoke flows out.
  • Lower your head to inhale it.
  • Be careful not to lower your head so far down that you get burned.

2. Vaporizer method

Hash pucks may be vaporized out of vaping devices geared toward concentrates and dry herb. For the best results, use the dry herb vaporizer, and the temperatures need to be higher than for dry herb.

3. Cup method

This method involves capturing hash smoke in a cup before consuming it. It’s popular at parties. You’ll need a dab tool, a blow torch, and a glass cup.

  • Secure the hash in your dab tool.
  • Heat the hash.
  • Point the smoke into the inverted glass cup.
  • Lower your head to enjoy the smoke.

This small device (the pollen press) will enable you to make the pollen cakes that you may consume in a variety of ways.