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Important Things To Know About Nectar Collectors

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A nectar collector is a fantastic tool for dabbing concentrates. With a straight tube design, it enables you to get delicious hits, and none of your wax goes to waste.

Cannabis consumers love nectar collectors for their convenience. The internal water chamber doesn’t allow for spills and the vapor is enriched.

The tip is heated with a blowtorch and then pressed into concentrates in a dish, thus the vapor runs along the tube, undergoes filtration and cooling, and you draw the vapor via the mouthpiece.

Nectar collectors are easily the best alternatives to dab rigs as they are portable, easy to use, and preserve the cannabis flavor.

How Was Nectar Collector Created?

The dude behind this tool had set out to formulate an easy way of consuming cannabis concentrates.

Kristian Merwin, an experienced maker of glass accessories, christened his first nectar collector, the “Honey Badger”.

Nectar collectors have water-cooling properties and are spill-proof, thus enabling you to have the best experience whilst consuming THC wax and oils.

It took a few months of experimenting with varying designs before the final piece came out, but since the moment marijuana consumers first found this tool, its popularity has never tanked.

Are Nectar Collectors More Efficient Than Dab Rigs?

Both tools are popular, but nectar collectors are packing more power because of their design and practicality.

Nectar collectors are a lot easier to use. You just place the heated tip against the concentrate and the vapor drifts into your mouth.

Dab rigs are massive, and it’s not easy to stuff them someplace and bring them along on a road trip. But you can easily bring a nectar collector anywhere.

Dab rigs are vulnerable to spills. This can make you lose your important resource. But then nectar collectors are spill-proof with their unique tube design.

With regular dab rigs, it’s easy for the concentrate to get stuck in different tools, but the nectar collector is designed to eliminate resource wastage.

How Is The Titanium Tip Nectar Collector Used?

People love nectar collectors because of their simplicity. You only have to heat the tip, then place it against the concentrate, and inhale the vapor.

Nectar collectors can be fabricated with different materials, but the tip is usually made of titanium, which promotes the efficient burning of concentrates.

Before you start heating the tip of the nectar collector, you want to be certain that there’s no water lodged inside its body.

Else, if water runs into the heated titanium tip, your device is at risk of breaking.

When heating the titanium tip, you must hold the blow torch steady, and you must focus the flame at the tip or you’ll be roasting everything.

Always be careful to not overheat the tip of the nectar collector.

How to Take Perfect Hits with a Nectar Collector

If you burn the titanium tip until it glows red, as happens with most inexperienced people, you may adjust the temperature by putting the tool down for a little bit.

Your fine motor skills better are outstanding. Put the hot titanium tip slowly against the concentrate in the dish, from sideways, and avoid putting it in the center, else your concentrate melts unevenly and you inhale non-vaporized concentrates.

Once the hot titanium tip touches the concentrate, pull the device away, and draw the vapor via the mouthpiece.

If you have a massive quantity of concentrates, NEVER drive the entire titanium tip into it, or else the concentrate will react violently.

How to Clean the Nectar Collector

First off, blow through the mouthpiece to remove any debris and water that may be lodged in the body of the tool.

Soak it through the night with a cleaning solution containing isopropyl alcohol and rinse it clean with hot water.

Leave it in the open air to dry.