Important Things To Know About Bubblers

Bubblers are made up of three parts: a bowl, chamber, and mouthpiece.

You cram the bowl with dry herb, spark it, and smoke via the mouthpiece. Bubblers make for smooth and cool hits because the smoke passes through a water chamber.

Consuming weed with a bubbler pipe is much better than smoking joints, for the hits are smooth and chilled. Newbies wouldn’t experience a choking sensation.

Bubblers come in different varieties, but they technically have a similar build as bongs. The prices of bubblers are mainly affected by the material they are made out of and also the customizations.

What Are the Benefits Of Having A Bubbler?

When you order your bubbler, you improve your smoking experience significantly.

  • Eliminating impurities. Generally, when you roll a joint and spark the herb, you also inhale the by-products of the rolling papers (which aren’t so healthy). There aren’t any filters to trap the undesirable elements and let you inhale clean smoke. But bubblers are made of solid material, and there’s no possibility of the material burning and making your smoke impure. Additionally, the smoke passes through the water chamber, thus the smoke is filtered and the smoke you inhale is free from impurities.
  • Cool smoke. If you be a newbie, a small puff of marijuana can easily choke you. This is because it hits your throat while being so hot. But using a bubbler, the smoke passes through the water chamber where it is chilled, and the cool smoke is less likely to have you choke.
  • Enhance flavor. Bubblers improve the flavor of cannabis. The smoke you inhale via a bubbler is chilled and free of impurities. It has more flavor than hitting a blunt.

How to Smoke Weed with a Bubbler Pipe

  • Load the small bowl with dry herb
  • Spark the dry herb
  • Place the mouthpiece on your lips and inhale the chilled smoke

Why Should I Use a Bubbler Instead of a Bong or Piece?

A bubbler is an advanced water pipe, that produces cool, filtered, and potent smoke. They enhance the flavor of cannabis.

How Do I Avoid Spills While Using a Bubbler?

Many cannabis users struggle with spilling their dry herb. I mean, if you be smoking in bed, you don’t wanna ruin the sheets. One of the simple ways to avoid spills is by suspending your bubbler so that it sits slightly beneath your face.

Are Bubblers or Pipes Easier to Inhale From?

Dry pipes deliver hot cannabis smoke to your throat, and if you not be experienced, it can get you choked. But bubblers deliver chilled and flavored cannabis smoke. Bubblers also don’t make the drag or make the session sound messy. Whether you be one person or many, bubblers win.

At What Point Bubblers Eliminate Impurities?

As soon as the smoke hits the water chamber, it runs into ash catchers and ice catchers that filter out impurities and chill the smoke. Bubblers with more water volume significantly improve the flavor of marijuana.

Are Bubblers Safer Than Joints?

I mean, both are safe, because you’re inhaling what… Marijuana. But if you come to details, joints when combusted give off impure by-products of e.g. rolling papers, and you take it in the mouth as there are no filters. But bubblers have a solid filtration system that catches the impurities and delivers sweet and delicious smoke into your mouth.

Why Do Bubblers Make Me Higher Than Joints?

Do the math, a joint lets you smoke only so much, but bubblers allow the smoke volume to swell up, and then you take one massive hit that sends you high like the Apollo spaceman.

Where Do I Buy Quality Bubblers?

Bubblers can be found in smoke shops, but if you live in a city without a smoke shop, just go online and search for reputable sellers. Check out the reviews to see if their prices and products are something.

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