Important Things To Know About Bong Cleaners

Your bongs and water pipes are going to get dirty when you use them a couple of times. So what to do? You wash them.

If you let the dirt accumulate, your bong is soon going to look disgusting, it will have a horrible smell, and it will most definitely ruin the taste of your flower.

If you want to keep things gangster, you can make do with a scrubber, so you’ll have to scrub your bong or water pipe whenever it gets dirty.

The thing with scrubbing stains off your bong, especially if it is made of glass, is that it loses its shine and starts fading, and then it won’t be long before the damn thing looks milky instead of shiny.

Bong Cleaning Solutions

With bong cleaner solutions, you have a rapid system of spotlessly cleaning your bongs, and at the same time preserving their looks.

It doesn’t matter whether there’s a build-up of tar or resin inside your bong, but by using bong cleaner solutions, you easily wash it off.

When you’re done using the bong cleaner solution, you simply rinse the bong with a stream of hot water, and the bong becomes fresh and sparkly.

Bong cleaners are an advanced and safer cleaning system than brushes; brushes typically create micro-cracks on the bong, and these cracks hold on to tar and resin, making things dirty and risky.

Of course, sometimes you will meet an especially obstinate stain, and you’ll be forced to reach for the scrubber.

But if you make the habit of regularly washing your bong, it becomes easy to keep your bong spotlessly clean and avoid a build-up of hardcore stains.

Common Varieties of Bong Cleaners

The following are some of the different types of bong cleaners:

  • Glass Cleaner

It is an excellent cleaning system for glass bongs. Not only cleans but also deodorizes the accessory in an instant. Most glass cleaners are eco-friendly and can be used comfortably against pyrex, metal, and ceramic products too.

  • Reusable Cleaning Gel

Simply put an amount of the cleaning gel into your bong or dab rig and give it a thorough shake. It eliminates the gunk sitting in your equipment in a matter of seconds. This gel contains neither abrasive salts nor volatile organic compounds and is thus eco-friendly. And the best part; it is reusable which allows you to save on cleaning your bongs.

  • Advanced Cleaner

As the name suggests, it is a next-level cleaning agent that restores the sparkle of your bong and dab rig in a moment. You simply put the solution in your accessory and shake vigorously and then you give it a hot rinse and you’re good to go. By using this cleaning system on the regular, you discourage the build-up of tar and resin in your bong or dab rig.

  • Dab Rig Cleaning Caps

These are essential cleaning tools for dabbers. They not only keep your dab rig clean but also eliminate odors. Cleaning caps are made of silicone and allow you to be discreet. Start with putting some cleaning solution in the dab rig and place the caps on the mouthpiece. And then shake the dab rig vigorously and rinse it. These caps are very handy when you’re traveling and want to be discreet.

  • Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are fantastic for cleaning mouthpieces, nails, little glass parts, and surfaces. Cotton buds can be comfortably used on metal, glass, plastic, silicone, titanium, quartz, etc. If the stains on the surface are tough, you may use it along with isopropyl alcohol.

  • Cleaning Plugs

Cleaning plugs are for holding the cleaning solution inside the dab rig or bong while you clean the tool. You just fix the cleaning plug in the joint, then put the cleaning solution, shake things up, and then rinse and you’re good to go.

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