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Important Things to Know About Bong Bowls

A bong bowl is an indispensable part of a water pipe or bong. This is the part that holds the herb, making it easy to consume cannabis.

A bong bowl can be made out of different materials and can vary in shape and design but there are several factors you need to consider when getting one.

Bong bowls have gender specifications. Besides knowing the joint size, you should also know whether it is male or female, or else the bowl won’t be compatible with your bong.

Many people love smoking cannabis with bongs because they preserve the true flavor of cannabis, and deliver chilled smoke without impurities.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Bong Bowl?

There are very many nice-looking bong bowls on the internet, but the last thing you want to do is buy one and find it’s incompatible with your bong.

When you choose the perfect bong bowl, it not only improves the aesthetics of your bong but also makes the smoking experience much better.

  • Material

The first thing you should check to see is what material the bong bowl is made of. They can be made of different things like glass, acrylic, metal, or silicone. Of course, the material influences the price.

  • Design

Bong bowls have varying designs, but for goodness sake, go for something artistic. If your local smoke shop only has low-standard bong bowls, just shop online.

  • Load size

This refers to the amount of herb that can be crammed into the bong bowl. If you’re a heavy cannabis consumer, or you like large hits, you may want a spacious bong bowl.

  • Reputation

Now we can find out whether a product is reliable or not reliable before buying it: customer reviews. Make a point of looking up customer reviews for the bong bowl you want.

What’s a Bong Adapter?

If you’re not sure about the joint size of your bong, you might end up buying a bong bowl that’s incompatible with your bong.

The next options would be either getting a new (and compatible) bong bowl or using a bong adapter to make the bong bowl usable.

Bong adapters are installed in the bong to make the bong compatible with various accessories such as bong bowls.

You need your bong bowl to be compatible with your bong so that the herb might burn evenly and so that you may take smooth hits.

Common Bong Bowl Designs

The variety of bong bowls is broad. If the designs at your local smoke shop are not pleasing, you can always go looking on the net.

  • Snapper bowl

It’s also called a martini bowl, and it takes the figure of a cocktail glass. This bowl preserves the flavor of cannabis and is appealing to the eye.

  • Metal bowl

It’s typically made of brass or stainless steel, thus this bong bowl is going to give you service for a long time. But watch out because it can get too hot if you use it overlong.

  • Oversized bowl

These bong bowls have huge breadth and depth, and you can typically use them for a long time before you need to reload. Oversized bowls are ideal for group smoking.

  • Double bowl

It features two sections that you can pack dry herb and smoke out of with another person simultaneously.

What is the Best Way to Smoke Cannabis: Joints or Bongs?

The major advantage of a joint is that it is easy to roll and use, but on the downside, you’ll inhale gaseous by-products of the rolling paper.

Bongs deliver quality and chilled smoke, and they preserve the flavor of cannabis. The smoke is free of impurities. But the drawbacks are that they are not as portable and easy to set up as joints.

On the question of what’s better between joints and bongs, the answer is subjective, but I’d take bongs.

What if a Bong Bowl Gets Too Hot?

How hot a bong bowl can get mainly depends on the material it is made out of. Metallic bong bowls will be hotter than acrylic bong bowls.

When the bong bowl starts overheating, that’s a sign that you’ve been using it for too long, and you need to give it a rest.