Important Things To Know About Ashtrays

An ashtray is a vital accessory for a marijuana smoker. It’s convenient for disposing of stems and roaches. You need an ashtray to keep your smoking area clean.

Ashtrays have different designs, and styles, and are made of varying materials. But the best ashtrays are made out of metal, glass, or ceramic.

This accessory not only keeps your smoking area hygienic but also contains an ornamental value. An ashtray customized with decorative art makes an environment more aesthetically pleasing.

Things to Consider When Buying an Ashtray

When you be getting a new ashtray, the following are some of the factors that you must consider:

  • What Material Is It Made Of?

The last thing you want is to be forced to buy new ashtrays with the same frequency as joints or blunts. Always get yourself an ashtray that’s made out of sturdy and durable material. Additionally, the material has to be fire-resistant, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

For some reason, most people find cleaning an ashtray too hectic, but you can always get at those stubborn ashes by putting a layer of sand and rubbing it around vehemently.

Also, spray the inside of an ashtray with furniture polish to make it look fresh and new.

  • Is It High-Quality?

Does the surface look old and decrepit after using the ashtray for a few days? If you shop offline, buy from a seller who specializes in ashtrays, and if you shop online, make sure to see customer reviews, to be sure that the seller offers quality ashtrays.

  • Is the Design Appealing?

When we are shopping for ashtrays, we don’t care just about how the ashtrays function, but also what they look like. You want a cool ashtray with fancy colors and an exotic design.

What’s the Main Function of An Ashtray?

When you light a joint and smoke away, there’s ash falling, and if the ash falls on the fabric of your couch or the hairs of your carpet, soon ugly marks will appear. You need an ashtray to trap the debris and ashes or else you mess up your prized carpet or couch and it’ll be quite a job removing the stains.

Common Varieties of Ashtrays

There are different types of ashtrays, and each ashtray has its pros and cons, and the ashtray that’s best for you depend on the type of smoker you are and your needs. The following are some of the varieties of ashtrays:

1. Silicone Ashtrays

Silicone is a popular material for making ashtrays. It’s sturdy and durable, with a glossy appearance, and common material for high-quality ashtrays.

These hard-silicone ashtrays are difficult to break, and they are fitted with slots for holding things like cigarettes, dab tools, and other accessories.

Silicone ashtrays are available in varying colors and designs. What are some of the benefits of silicone ashtrays?

  • They are eco-friendly
  • Can take abuse for long
  • They have a nice appearance
  • They are non-toxic
  • They are incredibly easy to clean and maintain

2. Smokeless Ashtrays

Smokeless ashtrays do as their name suggests; they eliminate smoke. They are fitted with carbon filters and are most ideal during travels or in the presence of non-smokers. The following are some of the advantages of smokeless ashtrays:

  • They work quietly thus no noise pollution
  • Non-smokers are inconvenienced by smoke
  • Promotes discreet smoking

3. Pocket Ashtrays

If you’re always smoking a joint, you need portable accessories so that you’re not inconvenienced. Pocket ashtrays are tiny, have varying designs, and are still effective at trapping ash. They can be easily fitted in your pocket and allow you to move about without a problem. These are some of their advantages:

  • They make it easy to dispose of cigarette waste
  • They make it easy for a smoker who moves around a lot
  • They cancel fire risk

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