Important Things To Know About Ash Catchers

Most cannabis consumers prefer bongs over joints because bongs deliver chilled and clean smoke. Ash catchers play a vital role in a bong.

Ash catchers may be easily installed or detached from a water pipe, and they are vital in achieving those smooth bong rips.

These accessories are available in varying sizes, designs, and materials. Some of the common materials for fabricating ash catchers include acrylic, metal, and silicone.

You may buy an ash catcher at a head shop in your city or you may go to online stores if you want to choose from a wider selection.

Besides improving the smoking experience, ash catchers also soup up your bong, making it look artistic and expensive.

Uses of Ash Catchers

Cannabis users love ash catchers for several reasons:

  • Keeps your bong clean. The dry herb contains some impurities, and when these impurities are burned, the by-products can stain the bong. However, when an ash catcher is installed, it traps these impurities, thus improving the cleanliness of your bong. You know, keeping your bong clean is essential because it preserves the flavor of your cannabis, and also shields you against different health problems.
  • Makes for smooth hits. When we talk of a smooth hit, we mean a light cannabis toke, one that lands on your throat without making you feel like coughing. Ash catchers (also pre-coolers) allow the smoke to pass through water, thus cooling the smoke, and allowing you to take massive bong rips.
  • It boosts bong beauty. When you match your water pipe with the right ash catcher, the visual transformation is super-appealing.

Things to Consider When Buying an Ash Catcher

There are several factors you must consider before you acquire an ash catcher.

  • Bong weight. If you have a small bong, you shouldn’t pair it with a massive ash catcher, or else your bong would become heavy at the top, and make it susceptible to breakage.
  • Joint size. Is it 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm? Getting the joint size wrong may render your ash catcher unusable.
  • Joint gender. You need to pair the joint of your bong with its gender counterpart. The ash catcher needs to fit snugly with the water pipe.
  • Joint angle. Bong joints can be positioned either at 90 degrees or 45 degrees. So, buy an ash catcher that matches the joint angle.

How Do Ash Catchers Improve Cannabis Potency?

An ash catcher traps impurities and residues from the burned dry herb, and as a result, the smoke that gets to your lungs consists of mostly cannabinoids.

And so, if you’re inhaling high concentrations of cannabinoids, it means the bioavailability shoots up, thus enabling you to experience sharper effects.

Installing ash catchers on your smoking equipment is a way of boosting cannabis potency and allowing you to have a wonderful smoking experience.

What Is the Difference Between Dry Ash Catcher and a Water Ash Catcher?

A dry ash catcher traps impurities before they access your smoking piece whereas a water ash catcher consists of a percolator that can bring ash-filled water into your equipment.

What’s the Best Material for Making an Ash Catcher?

Ash catchers are available in many styles and materials. Ideally, you should go for an ash catcher built out of sturdy material.

The material should also not be susceptible to heat damage, for then it would emit gaseous by-products that pose a health risk.

Metal and acrylic are some of the best materials for ash catchers, because they are both sturdy, and cannot emit gas under some heat.

It’s not like ash catchers are a must to have, but considering that they rid your smoke of impurities and make your smoke chill, and boost the potency, these accessories should secure a slot in your smoking paraphernalia.

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