I Want to Vaporize Marijuana Flower

As more people become aware of the health benefits of marijuana, they are also exploring new ways to consume it.

If you have some marijuana flower, you may consume them in a variety of ways; grinding them and putting them in your food, rolling a joint, or using a vaporizer.

The method of administration you prefer depends on the effects that you desire. Most users are usually looking for fast action.

Smoking and vaporizing cannabis both make for quick effects as THC molecules skip metabolism to interact with the ECS.

For the longest time, marijuana buds were typically smoked, but now we have the option of marijuana vaporizers.

And you might be thinking, is it safe to vaporize weed?

What is Marijuana Vaporization?

Using a vaporizer, dry marijuana buds are heated and transmuted into vapor, but the temperature is not high enough to trigger combustion.

Unlike a ball of flame, a marijuana vaporizer gives out medium heat, thus preventing denaturing of cannabinoids or the consumption of irritants.

Vaporization technology is pretty recent, but it is slowly becoming widespread among cannabis users.

Types of Marijuana Vaporizers

Make sure you select a vaporizer that suits your needs:

Pen vaporizers

As the name suggests, they are pen-shaped, easy to use, and have the lowest price amongst vaporizers. They heat buds via conduction, and so ensure you understand how to work it.

Portable vaporizers

This vaporizer appeals to marijuana users who are always on the move. It’s bigger than a vape pen, rechargeable, and convenient.

Stationary vaporizers

Also known as a desktop vaporizer, it stays in one place, and you have to plug it in before play. They heat marijuana buds via a convection heating source and deliver the highest quality of vapor. Stationary vaporizers allow for more customizations and offer group vape sessions.

Why Do People Like Marijuana Vaporizers?

Cannabis vaporizers came to be recently, and so, you won’t find as many people vaporizing marijuana as there are smoking it.

But still, vaporizers are slowly becoming a thing and here’s why:

They are convenient

Picture yourself strolling on the beach and you suddenly feel like ingesting some marijuana. It’s suave to use your portable vaporizer as opposed to sticking your lighter (or worse a matchstick) to your blunt. Vaporizers produce medium heat, creating vapor, thus they don’t have you looking like a chimney as it happens with a blunt.

They are discreet

Not everyone appreciates marijuana. You may smoke in some places and experience hostility. Marijuana strains are usually pungent and people quickly take notice. But vaporizers can enable you to be discrete because, firstly they don’t combust marijuana buds, and can also be customized with flavors.


Vaporizers allow you to take the right amount of dosage. The right dosage may depend on several factors including your weight, age, and health status. Overdosing marijuana can have you experience nasty side effects.

How Do I Use a Marijuana Vaporizer?

When you purchase a marijuana vaporizer, it typically comes with a user manual, very important for first-timers.

Marijuana vaporizers consist of the following:

  • Heating chamber where marijuana buds are transmuted into vapor
  • Power supply for the heat source. It can be plug and play or rechargeable
  • Mouthpiece; which is what you use to draw the vapor
  • Temperature adjustment system
  • Cleaning supplies

Step 1. Heat the unit

When you turn on the vaporizer, give it a moment for it to become warm, and most vaporizers send an alert when you hit the perfect temperature.

Step 2. Load marijuana

Ensure that the marijuana flower is finely ground, for easy activation of cannabinoids. Once you load the chamber, close it properly.

Step 3. Adjust temperature

Vaporizers produce medium heat to avoid combusting marijuana flower, but you may customize the heat to achieve your desired taste.

Step 4. Inhale

Now place your lips on the mouthpiece and draw the vapor. You’ll be feeling good in a short time.

The more you use your vaporizer, the more the cannabinoids become watered down, and the flower will start browning.

Make sure to load fresh marijuana flowers when it’s necessary.

Is it safer to vape marijuana than smoke it?

It appears that vaping might be indeed a lot safer than smoking.

A vaporizer doesn’t combust marijuana, meaning that all cannabinoids are activated, not denatured, and also, harmful irritants aren’t inhaled.

A vaporizer enhances the safe storage of flower, unlike blunts and cigarettes where flower can be easily contaminated.