I Just Got Pulled Over and I Have Marijuana in My Car

If you get pulled over and a sadistic policeman walks up to your window, there’s a slight chance you’ll be traumatized by what happens next. He might wrinkle his nose and claim that he can smell marihuana and ask you to step out so that he can search your car!

Dirty cops use trickery and made-up ish so that they can search your car without a warrant, hoping to come across something that’s prohibited and then put you on cuffs.

But what if you have a stash and you are in a region with ambiguous cannabis laws? What do you do to not get fucked up?

Whatever you do, don’t escalate the situation, because most of these Leos are juiced up and looking for a fight.

Vacuum Sealed Bags

Whether your stash can be easily sniffed depends on package material; if it’s packaged in Ziploc bags, papery produce bags, or some parchment paper, the aroma will easily fill out your car, but if it’s packaged in heavy vacuum-sealed plastic bags, there’s no chance of a whiff escaping.

You see, cannabis contains natural compounds known as terpenes, and these terpenes have an aroma that’s hard to miss. Some people think they can mask the smell of weed by using a spray, and it usually works, unless they come across a cop with a sharp sense of smell, or leashed K9 dogs on standby, eager to impress their masters.

Of course, if you are a medical marijuana user, you need to fret not, because the law is on your side. When you leave a dispensary, make sure that you don’t open the bag, so that the marijuana stays in the original packaging.

What to Do In Case You Get Pulled Over with Marijuana in Your Car

It is one thing to know how you are supposed to react hypothetically, but it can be a different matter altogether when you are in the moment.

So, when a Leo is coming to burst you, the following are some of the things to keep in mind:

Stay Calm: cops are good at picking up aggressive vibes in a dude; so you don’t want to wear that mean, gangsterish face when he leans in your window, but by the same token don’t be too friendly. Only answer when spoken to. And give short answers. If he should ask that you step outside, don’t argue with it, and if he jumps on you and takes you down, don’t fight him. They are usually big bored birds looking for drama and a channel for their frustrations. Oh yes, police work is hella stressful, and that’s why most of them are big from stress-eating.

Let him know you know your rights: police have the right to search your car if they have reason to think you have something outlawed. For instance, if he catches a strong cannabis whiff in your car, or notices a bowl of pre-rolls on the passenger seat, or he notices your eyes are as read as baboon ass, that’s valid probable cause and he’s well within his rights to search your car. However, if he comes up to ticket you, and he notices you are a person of color, and there’s suddenly talk of needing to search your car, that’s him overstepping his bounds and you might want to remind him that he’s not allowed to do that. Never get along with illegal demands.

Don’t do anything drastic: you know, when the cop is approaching, and a million thoughts is racing through your mind, you may be tempted to do something drastic… something like swallowing the whole stash or stuffing it where the sun don’t shine… Well, if it’s a tiny amount, you can swallow it or put it in your ass or whatever, but if it’s a big stash, don’t do any of that. If you have cannabis in your car ensure that you have a case for transporting it; there’s no smell and he may not find it even if he searches the car.

Get in touch with your lawyer: never get too involved in your case without a lawyer. Ya know, the Leos can weaponize the ish that you say, and since you are ostensibly inexperienced, they can set you up into digging your own grave. Ask to talk to your lawyer. Your lawyer lays out your options. And boy always remember that the Leos are out to knock ya out. You are a static and they want to take you off the streets. Most Leos are sadistic and want to see people cornered and helpless. It’s easy for the state to rob you of freedom. Get a good lawyer.

Don’t try to be a smartass: if the cop searches your car and comes up with a bowl of marijuana buds, the last thing you want to do is play dumb, and say ish like, “Oh, there’s some dude I gave a lift yesterday. It must belong to him.” This is not the time to remind the Leo that you are some Christian dude and you have no idea what’s that doing in your car. Don’t try to play smart as the cop would think you are trying to bullshit them and besides it’s not like they are going to leave you alone and go hunting for the other dude who’s supposed to be the offender. Instead, admit that it belongs to you, and be cool about it, maybe letting them know that you use cannabis to help you cope with various conditions. But in all seriousness, you cannot sweet-talk your way out of breaking the law, so you had better stiffen up and fight for the least consequences.

Cannabis Will Become Legal

Cannabis users hope to Heaven that all cannabis derivatives will get decriminalized so that we don’t have to be worried about going to jail anymore.

If products like cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol, are legal, and yet they are demonstrably far more dangerous than cannabis, it’s an unfair arrangement.

Thankfully, there’s tremendous hope and goodwill in cannabis legalization soon, and then we won’t have to worry anymore about cops giving us hell.