I Have a Vape Pen Lung Injury

Since you started vaping six months ago, a day hardly passes without you dragging on your cartridge, but recently you started experiencing breathing difficulties, and your doctor explained that you might have injured your lungs from cartridge use.

Lung injuries are often the result of using counterfeit vape pens. There’s a huge market for vaping, especially among teenagers, and those who are trying to quit tobacco. Sadly, most people hardly take precautions when buying vape pens.

And this results in genuinely fake vape cartridges finding their way into people’s hands, and these devices contain harmful chemicals that increase vulnerability to lung injuries.

In August 2019, the CDC gave this condition a name; EVALI, which means, e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury.

Signs that I Have a Lung Injury

When the symptoms of this condition first appear, one might incorrectly think that they have another respiratory illness like pneumonia or flu.

The most common symptom of lung injury is shortness of breath. Counterfeit cartridges usually contain harmful chemicals like diacetyl that bombard the lung surface to give it a pop-corn-like appearance.

The victim also starts coughing fervently, the reason being that harmful chemicals in the cartridge start lodging in the lungs, creating an obstruction.

Counterfeit vape devices are also loaded with pesticides, and once inhaled, these harmful chemicals go on to mess with the victim’s digestive system, thus causing complications like diarrhea, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Prolonged use of faulty vape pens results in deteriorating lung health, and the victim might have to be checked into intensive care. In worse situations, there might be a need for a lung transplant.

What Causes Lung Injury?

It’s inaccurate to say that lung injuries are caused by vape cartridges without specifying that they are faulty cartridges.

A quality vape cartridge converts the e-juice into vapor, allowing you to inhale the vapor, and then it’s carried off to your brain.

The CDC has established that the outbreak of lung injuries associated with the use of vape pens is on the back of the cartridge black market.

Several studies have been performed to establish the true cause of lung injuries, and one chemical keeps coming up; vitamin E acetate.

Most bootleggers like throwing in some vitamin E acetate in their inferior vape juice, so that once vaporized, it can send up thick clouds.

According to Leafly, certain additives used in vape cartridges can increase the risk of lung injuries.

Some of the other toxic elements in counterfeit vape cartridges include diluents, opioids, pesticides, poisons, and toxins.

Risk Factors of Lung Injuries

If you have poor respiratory health, your condition significantly worsens, resulting in pop-corn lungs. If medical attention isn’t offered immediately, the victim could be staring at lifelong lung scars, or even lose their life.

The biggest tip for avoiding this condition is ensuring that you buy a vape cartridge from specialists who have a reputation to care about. If you buy from shifty companies, there’s a possibility you are getting an inferior product.

You don’t want to be the lazy buyer that clicks on a YouTube ad and buys shit without doing your research.

Diagnosing Vape Pen Lung Injury

Vaping-associated pulmonary injuries can be deadly, and so you need to diagnose the condition early, to avert lifelong pulmonary problems or even loss of life.

Before your doctor determines that you have a lung injury, they have to perform various tests to rule out the possibility of other pulmonary illnesses like pneumonia.

This is usually how the diagnoses play out:

Step 1: The doctor finds out whether or not there was the use of any vaping device going back three months before symptoms first appeared.

Step 2: A chest radiograph or x-ray is performed to reveal the appearance of your lungs, and if you have lung injuries, it comes out as opacities (dark spots) in the radiograph image.

Step 3: Tests for other pulmonary infections return as negative.

Managing Lung Injuries

Vape-induced pulmonary injuries are a pretty recent health issue, and so there’s insufficient medical research on this condition.

Yet, similar symptoms have been observed in people involved in packing microwaved popcorns, thanks to exposure to diacetyl.

If a victim exhibits severe symptoms, their lungs might have gotten weak and they have to be placed on a ventilator, to ensure their brain doesn’t lack oxygen.

In certain cases, a double lung transplant may be performed, but some victims experience a reoccurrence of the disease.

Some of the medications given to improve lung health include antivirals, antibiotics, and corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory drugs).

Should I Stop Vaping if I Have Lung Injury?

So, you went to a doctor and found that using vape cartridges caused your lung injury, but you still love taking CBD with a cartridge, what to do?

First off, you must get rid of the subpar vape cartridge that caused you to have lung injuries, and then look for a quality vape device.

Getting a quality vape device isn’t supposed to be hard! Just log on to the net and look for companies that specialize in cartridges.

Read about their facility, and go through their customer reviews to see what other vape users make of the product.

If the company produces questionable devices, expect to read about it.

But then again, a vape-induced pulmonary injury can potentially traumatize an individual, so that they won’t want to use a vape cartridge again.

You should just stick with what works for you.

Is Vaping a Superior Method of Ingesting Cannabis Products?

There are multiple ways of ingesting cannabis products; it could be done orally, topically, sublingually, etc., but each of these ingestion methods has its pros and cons.

Vaping appeals to people who want relatively fast effects onset, and who enjoy ingesting cannabis products in a social setting.

You know, a vaping cartridge mimics a cigarette, and there’s an urban notion that cigarettes make people look cool.

When hormone-ridden teenagers hit the rebellious stage, they want to drag on a cigarette and look cool too.

But thank goodness they can cater to this need by using CBD vapes, thus saving their lungs from the harsh tobacco smoke.

And so, if you are a teenager, or someone who’s trying to quit cigarettes, yes, vaping is a superior method of ingesting cannabis products.

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