How Would a Tainted or Faulty Vape Cartridge Affect My Health?

Vape pens are popular among teenagers and also people who are trying to quit cigarettes. But is it safe to use vape pens or do they have a potential for harm?

For the most part, vape pens are safe, at least if you use them as they were designed to be used, and the most important precautions include pairing the concentrate with the right cartridge and shielding the cartridge from excessive heat.

It’s important to be familiar with your vape pen, so that you may recognize when it’s not working properly. The ability to enjoy vaping is directly related to the health of your device, and faulty vape pens not only reduce quality but also cause illnesses.

Common Vape Problems

Most problems in a vape device start small, and that’s why the user must be familiar with vape pens because it allows them to nip the problem in the bud.

Dead battery:

  • Check to see that you have not accidentally switched the device off.
  • Check to see that there’s no charge in the battery (maybe you was hangovered and left it on).
  • If you have been using that battery for a decade, maybe it’s time you got a new one.

Atomizer not working:

  • If you recently dropped your device or hit it against something, the tank might have become crooked; just set it in the right position.
  • Ensure that the tank is not too tight.
  • Ensure there’s no e-juice clogging the coil.

I can’t draw any vapor:

  • Ensure the battery is on.
  • Check to see that you have sufficient e-juice.
  • Ensure that the terminals are well-connected.

Babbling sounds during vaping:

  • Remove excessive e-juice from the coil by flicking the device.
  • Ensure that the tank is not filled excessively.
  • Clean the tank.

When you buy a vape pen, the first moment you take a hit it’s akin to vaping heaven, simply because the parts are new and the e-juice is fresh, but if your vape pen is faulty, the problems appear when you first use it.

Whether you experience a burning sensation when you take a few hits, or gurgling sounds, or the cartridge emits low vapor content, you need to take corrective measures, or do away with the vaping device because prolonged usage can cost your lung health.

Are Vape Cartridges Dangerous?

As long as you use the devices appropriately, they pose no harm, but then teenagers are on them, and there have been a few accidents that got worldwide coverage. It’s worthy to note that most vaping accidents come from a place of ignorance and carelessness.

Parents view vape cartridges as heaven-sent because they are significantly less “evil” than cigarettes. Their teenage kids will die unless they smoke something, but the effects of inhaling nicotine and tar, the two main ingredients of cigarettes, are incomparably worse to the effects of CBD and THC.

As long as vape cartridges are in good working shape, they pose no danger, but if they have been faulty for an ominously long time, they carry the risk of exploding, and also causing lung and cardiovascular health problems.

Health Dangers of Faulty Vape Cartridges

Lung injury is the most common problem resulting from a faulty vape cartridge, and most of these lung injuries are in the form of tissue bruise.

Another problem can be respiratory problems. Using faulty vape devices can cause you to experience breathing difficulties.

Similarly, it can cause a heart attack, a stroke, and present complications in your reproductive health.


Short for E-cigarette or Vaping Lung Injury is one of the ugly (and deadly) health problems associated with faulty vape cartridges.

This condition usually causes the sufferer to be put in a machine ventilator, as their lungs collapse, and there’s no guarantee of recovering after being discharged.

A faulty vaping device usually creates a loop whereby harmful chemical elements are combusted and inhaled, affecting the lungs.

Lung injuries typically get worse the more you use a faulty vape cartridge.

Additionally, faulty vape cartridges may also lead to pulmonary health problems, as a result of plaque buildup in the lungs. Some of the symptoms associated with this condition include chest pain, abdominal pain, coughing, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Vape Pen Explosions

Just picture yourself hanging out by a swimming pool, and there’s a vape pen on your hand, but you bring it to your mouth to take a hit, and boom! It shatters!

You know, it’s far less damaging that a vape cartridge explodes in your hand as opposed to inside your mouth, because then it would cause oral and brain trauma.

If you are careless with your vape pen, by e.g. exposing it to high temperatures, you are working your way into an explosion.

But then a faulty vape cartridge is at a greater risk of bursting open and it can be most unpredictable.

Vape cartridge explosion may not be deadly, but they can leave you nursing second-degree burns, or with lacerations that require stitching, and let’s not forget the burden of trauma.

Some people have a misconception that disposable vape cartridges cannot explode. I mean, they have a less likelihood of exploding because you only use the cartridge for a limited time before getting rid of it, unlike the reusable cartridge that patiently waits until the thirteenth round to go off on you.

But here’s the thing, both disposable and reusable vape cartridges use Lithium-ion batteries to vaporize e-juice, and if the battery overheats, it just explodes. So, if you bought a bootleg vape cartridge, it doesn’t matter that it’s disposable, that thing might go off on first use.

How to Tell Whether a Vape Cartridge is Counterfeit

I mean, the cannabis market is not heavily regulated, and so many counterfeit products are finding their way into our homes.

The worst thing that can happen to your vaping experience is buying a low-quality vape cartridge.

You know what, never be lured into a trap by abnormally low prices, and don’t buy vape cartridges from fly-by-night websites, but buy from reputable sellers.

Sadly, most bootleg vape cartridges contain harmful chemicals, and these chemicals are usually for deceiving customers by discharging intense vapor clouds.

A California man damaged his lungs after using a vape cartridge and was hospitalized, but it was later found that his marijuana cartridge was counterfeit and that it contained hydrogen cyanide.

Is China the Capital of Faulty Vape Cartridges?

The market for counterfeit vape cartridge is worth billions, and unsuspecting people continue to use these devices, mainly lured in by the smart prices.

Sadly, most of these bootleg vape cartridges are produced in Chinese labs, and the lack of tight regulation makes it hard to block out these companies.

This doesn’t mean that you shun any made-in-China vape cartridge, but that you exercise caution because their reputation is not great.

You can’t go wrong with researching a company, and looking at their customer reviews before you place an order.

Whatever you do, don’t use a bootleg vape cartridge!