How to Use CBD Topicals to Improve Your Sex Game

The drive to have sex is one of the greatest forces humans experience, but whether you be a man or woman, you don’t want to have bad sex.

Bad sex may be defined in subjective ways, but some elements of bad sex include poor stamina, lack of passion, and low sensations.

If you’re in a relationship, and you (or your partner) have poor sex skills, it can bring strife in your relationship and potentially cause a breakup.

One of the remedies for poor sex is CBD. You may incorporate CBD into your daily routine to improve your sex life.

Among other benefits, CBD is suggested to aid relaxation and heighten sensitivity to touch, which would have a positive contribution to your sex game.

CBD Topicals for Sex

CBD topicals are usually applied to the skin, so that CBD molecules sink into the body through skin pores, thus triggering a positive therapeutic contribution.

CBD products come in a diverse range, but one of the more preferred types is CBD topicals. The following are some of the common types of CBD topicals:

  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Lotions
  • Ointments
  • Transdermal patches
  • Massage oils

You may apply CBD topicals daily to improve your sex game. CBD topicals may be applied to specific parts or the full body.

Applying CBD topicals to your penis or vagina a short while before you engage in sex can be particularly advantageous.

Clean the skin: before applying some CBD topical, make sure to take a wash. This helps to ensure that CBD molecules are not blocked by grime, sweat, or toxins.

Apply to damp skin: don’t wait for the skin to dry completely, but apply the cream while the skin is still damp; it makes for fast CBD absorption, and boosts skin moisture retention.

Start with small spots: instead of applying the topical in a single massive round, it’s ideal to isolate different spots, and rub different parts before making a final massage.

How CBD Topicals Improve Sex

Regular application of CBD topicals would exert a positive impact on your sex life. The following are some of the advantages of CBD topicals for sex.

1. Boosts Libido

Healthy sex life is a critical ingredient of a romantic relationship. But, due to stresses, hardships, and even genetics, many people struggle with diminishing sex drive. CBD has been suggested to boost libido. You may ingest CBD regularly to ensure that you have a healthy sex drive. With a healthy sex drive, you can initiate sex with ease, and become receptive to sexual moves from your partner, which goes a long way in tightening your bond.

2. Boosts Erection, Excitement, & Stamina

For men, penetrative sex requires them to develop an erection. But, many men struggle with weak erections, and erectile dysfunction, which typically minimizes their ability to enjoy penetrative sex. Constant CBD ingestion is suggested to have a positive impact in boosting erections and eliminating disorders like erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

On the side of women, CBD exerts a vasodilation impact on blood vessels and allows for more blood to flow into the sexual organs, thus increasing vaginal sensitivity, and boosting the woman’s sexual excitement, responsiveness, and enjoyment.

3. Relaxation

To experience good sex, you need to be in a calm and relaxed mental state, and your emotions need to be relatively stable. Anxiety is one of the emotions that can stop you from enjoying quality sex. Anxiety may stem from things like trauma, personality disorders, and drugs and substance abuse. Anxiety typically has a crippling effect spread across all facets of your life. CBD consumption has been suggested as effective at minimizing anxiety and allowing you to enter a relaxed state of mind.