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How to Use a Kief Press

A kief press, also known as a pollen press, is a tool for compacting trichomes (kief) into small cakes or pellets of highly-concentrated cannabis formats that may be taken in various ways.

These small cakes or pellets are usually called hash coins. Apart from preparing hash coins, a kief press may be also used for combining different cannabis strains to improve the breed.

A kief press typically has a small build and a simple, ergonomic design, consisting of a chamber for holding the kief, a sturdy cap for sealing, and a t-shaped stainless steel pin.

To prepare hash coins, you basically fill up the chamber with kief or trichomes, and then use the press to compact the trichomes into small solid cakes that may be smoked or vaporized.

There are different degrees of compressing the trichomes; you can make the hash coins mildly compacted or severely tight, and you need to allow the trichomes to rest for a moment.

People like converting kief into hash coins because the hash coins deliver greater potency once smoked or vaporized. Also, hash coins are easier to store compared to various products.

You can use a kief press to prepare hash coins by the following steps:

1. Gather your trichomes after grinding your cannabis flower with a herb grinder.

2. Disassemble the kief press machine and hold the chamber upright.

3. Put the pollen crystals into the chamber until the desired level.

4. Insert the pin and start fastening the caps.

5. Fasten the caps until the pollen becomes tight and rigid and leave it to compact.

6. Unscrew the device and take out your hash puck.