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How to Prepare Cannabis Juice and Fun Ways to Consume It

Cannabis juice is one of the coolest ways of consuming marijuana. It is prepared from cannabis leaves and stems and it has numerous health benefits.

This practice of juicing raw cannabis was popularized by Dr. William Courtney, who holds that taking hemp oil daily is a major health hack.

Cannabis plants contain numerous cannabinoids and organic compounds that help with overcoming diseases and improving wellbeing.

The effects of cannabis juice are dependent on whether you juiced hemp or marijuana; marijuana juice, unlike hemp juice, contains THC, and so it causes psychoactive effects.

We will show you how to make cannabis juice and the different ways to enjoy it.

Making Cannabis Juice

The raw material is the cannabis plant, but make sure that you select only cannabis plants that are organically grown with no chemical additions.

  • Start by washing and rinsing the plant in a tub of clean water
  • Slice up the stems and leaves into small chunks
  • Put the cannabis in a blender, add a glass of icy water, and beat it up
  • Pour into your cup and gobble it down

We have shown you the simplest way of making cannabis juice, but there are different things you may do to make it even tastier.

For instance, you may add some organic flavor enhancers, raw honey, or sugar, to improve the taste of raw cannabis juice.

But then you have to be careful with these additions because adding too many inorganic ingredients would water down the therapeutic value of cannabis.

It’s ideally best to prepare in the morning so that you load up on the energy and be focused throughout the day, or take it before bed so that you have healthy sleep and wake up refreshed.

You may also take cannabis juice at intervals throughout the day to ensure that you are in the best shape both physically and mentally.

Fun Ways to Consume Cannabis Juice

Who says that cannabis juice should only be consumed straight from the blender? Below are some of the ways you may spice things up and enjoy your THC/CBD drink.

1. Mixing with porridge

Maybe you don’t like the taste of raw CBD juice, but you can get around this by mixing the cannabis juice with porridge. You may have to mix it when the porridge isn’t too hot so that the cannabis compounds aren’t damaged. Also, you may spice up the porridge with some organic additives to significantly improve the taste.

2. Prepare a salad

Yep, you can dress your salad with the thick cannabis juice, thus making your salad healthier and tastier, and colorful with that dark-green hue. Infusing your salad with cannabis, and throwing in some chunks of avocado, enhances the taste like crazy. It is a clever way of making cannabis syrups easy to consume. But if you’re using marijuana juice, please put a small amount to see what you can comfortably handle. If you ingest excessive marijuana orally, it usually results in a heady high that can take too long to fade away.

3. Cocktail

Do you like brewing cocktails when you get home from work? Who says you can’t throw in a layer of green and viscous cannabis juice? It not only enriches the color of your cocktail but also increases the therapeutic benefits of your drink. Cannabis-infused cocktails are excellent for inducing mental calm and promoting happiness. You may take this cocktail in the morning before you start the day or at night before you drift off to sleep.

As cannabis becomes legalized in America and across the world, expect to find recipes and cocktails that consist of cannabis juice at your local hangout joints!