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How to Make a Wooden Sherlock Pipe

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“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” is probably the best book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but now we have Sherlock smoking pipes in honor of the book’s main character.

In movies, most characters who be pipe smoking are oftentimes villains or someone with a larger-than-life personality.

There’s something about a man in a suit and a pipe in his hand that makes him look magnetic, cool, and yes, dangerous.

This is the man that walks around with his chin up, wearing sunglasses, and if he looketh (hohoho) you in the eye, he waits until you look away first. He’s lethal and he knows it.

Seriously, pipes are amazing accessories for consuming cannabis, but they can also transform how society perceives you.

But good golly smoking pipes are quite pricey.

But you can improvise a smoking pipe with wood. And what’s more? The process would take roughly thirty minutes.

Materials You Require

Improvising a smoking pipe out of wood requires just a few items, namely;

  1. Hand drill
  2. A block of walnut wood
  3. C-clamp
  4. Dust mask
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Carving knife
  7. Marker
  8. Pipe screen
  9. Razertip wood burner

Making the Wooden Sherlock Pipe

  • Using a marker, sketch the Sherlock pipe against the block of wood, and don’t leave out a detail.
  • With your carving knife, cut out the pipe.
  • Secure the pipe firmly with a C-clamp so that it doesn’t move while you work on it.
  • Using the hand drill, sink a hole in the pipe, on the fat end. But don’t go all the way in. The hole should just reach the midpoint. Now that’s the bowl.
  • And using a narrow drill, put an airway extension, but still don’t drill through the pipe.
  • Next up, drill a hole that runs along the pipe, and this hole should run dead straight into the bowl. Now, this is the stem of your pipe.
  • Put a pipe screen on the bottom of the bowl. The screen will hold your herb and block out debris while smoking.
  • To the side of the bowl, on the bottom part, drill a narrow air hole.
  • Up to that point, you’ve covered all the bases. Use the sandpaper to make the rough edges smooth.
  • Use the razertip woodburner to imprint some cool art on your pipe. A simple, uniform design will do.
  • Push the pipe cleaner into the pipe and jerk it around, making the holes taut.
  • Soak the pipe in isopropyl alcohol to kill bacteria.
  • Rinse the pipe and leave it to dry in the open air for 24 hours.
  • Load the pipe with dry herb and spark it.
  • Put your lips on the end of the stem, place a finger on the air hole, and draw the hit.

Is the Improvised Sherlock Pipe of Great Quality?

If you were lost in a desert and you came upon a wrecked cargo truck and somehow you were able to piece together a basic automobile, will it be on the same level as a new Hellcat? By no means!

A homemade Sherlock pipe may not be half as good as a pipe made in a factory by experienced hands, but still, it is good enough to allow you to take massive cannabis hits and get high like a spaceman.

Wooden smoking pipes are safe, durable, and make for easy cleaning. There’s also a level of rustic beauty about them.

Important Tips While Making Wooden Sherlock Pipes

Always keep these tips in mind:

Use quality wood: high-density woods are the best types for making pipes. Some of these woods are walnut, oak, and rosewood.

Clean the pipe: you need to clean the pipe to kill off bacteria and to avoid resin from pooling together and distorting the cannabis flavor.

Tool handling skills: you want to drill the bowl and air hole precisely so that you have a quality smoking pipe.