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How to Make a Simple Water Bottle Bong at Home

A bong is one of the best accessories for a cannabis user. It enhances the smoking experience and preserves your herb.

Bongs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, but for some reason, you may find yourself unable to get one.

In this post, we are gonna show you how you may create a water bong using readily-available materials.

If you ever be in a fix… this knowledge should come through… it’ll enable you to improvise a water bong to make yourself (and your homies) proud.

Things that You’ll Need

These are the raw materials you’ll need:

  • Water bottle
  • Aluminum foil
  • Needle
  • Utility knife

Assembling the Water Bottle Bong

You have to have sharp motor skills for your bong to come out looking together, but if you can’t hack it the first time, you can always try again several times.

The first step is to ensure the bottle fits the purpose; just go for the average 17-ounce plastic water bottle.

Water bottles are far better than soda cans because unlike soda cans there’s no weed resin left hugging your water bottle.

Position the bottle upright, and put some water to make it stable. The smoke passes through the water to be filtered and cooled down before it hits your lungs.

Take off the water bottle cap and put it aside.

With your utility knife, cut a small piece of aluminum foil, and for best results make sure your aluminum foil is many sizes thick.

If your aluminum foil is on the thin side you may double it over to make it bulky. The aluminum foil acts as the bowl and should be big enough to drape over the “head and neck” of the water bottle.

Put the aluminum foil around the opening of your bottle, circling it carefully, and apply pressure to make sure the foil sinks into the threads.

Once you’re down wrapping the foil around the opening of your bottle, you need to press your thumb ever so lightly into the foil, forming a depression, a bowl, which is where you’ll pack your herb.

If you’re rough about it, the foil may break and pull you a step backward.

Using a needle, puncture about seven holes on the aluminum foil, but you have to evenly space out these holes to ensure they don’t crack around and wreck your bowl.

Also, the holes need to be small so that when flower is packed in the bowl, none of it slips through the holes into the water bottle.

Puncture a hole above the center of the water bottle, strategically, for this is the hole out of which you’ll smoke.

Be sure not to make the hole too big, but after pushing the needle in, just flick it sideways until the grip is worn.

If you want a bigger hole, then push one “leg” of a scissor through the hole, and turn it around to enlarge the hole.

Then take your marijuana flower and pack it in the depressed aluminum foil (the bowl) and make sure to spread it evenly to ensure speedy combustion.

Spark the herb!

As the flower begins to combust, with your mouth cover the hole on the side of your water bottle, and draw the smoke ever so lightly.

Are Improvised Water Bottle Bongs as Good as the Professionally Made?

Homemade bongs can be useful when you don’t have the money to get a new bong or when you’re camping and you want to flex your outdoor survival skills.

But the professionally-made bongs have more utility, which is demanded as you’re parting with $200.

If you’re a novice cannabis user, you should start with bongs, and learn how you may get better rips.

Try putting together a water bottle bong at home today.