Maybe you sneaked out and went to a party and these joints were getting passed around, you took massive drags and now you’re high and shook at the thought of meeting your mom.

Shhh! What to do?

1. Get rid of the marijuana smell

It doesn’t matter whether you smoked a strain with a fruity aroma, the marijuana scent is unmistakable. Make sure you rid yourself of the smell before you get close to her. Start by changing clothes. Wash your mouth and put some fragrance on your clothes. If your mom or dad is still able to catch that faint smell, just feign surprise and act like you don’t know what they are talking about.

2. Create some physical distance between you and them

It’s not like you’re still suckling. Act like you’re avoiding them. If you’re forced to be in the same room as them, take the seat that is farthest from them, because if you come too close, they’ll pick up on the marijuana scent. They might think you’re acting weird but it doesn’t matter because tomorrow you’ll be sober again and back to your goofy and needy antics.

3. Do something for your red eyes

Bloodshot eyes are a dead giveaway that you are high. Don’t let your momma see those red eyes as she might panic. You may use eye drops to not just erase the redness but also relieve your eyes from dryness. Sunglasses can be helpful too. The dark shades conveniently cover your eyes, and if anyone asks you to take them off, just put on a smile and shake your head in refusal.

4. Don’t be too talkative

If your mom or dad is talking to you, just be a good kid, nodding, listening, waiting, and giving one-word answers. Save all those long sentences you have in your mind for tomorrow. If you speak while high, there’s the risk of stuttering, forgetting words, and acting like you don’t have it together, and it won’t be long before your dad accuses you of smoking marijuana!

5. Avoid talking to your dad like you’re talking to one of your homies

If you are used to talking to your dad with a business tone and all of a sudden you’re going, “Whatsapp mayn!” He’ll correctly think you’re not sober. And so, make sure that you don’t change what your parents consider to be your normal behavior.

6. Go and sleep

When you come back home while you’re high, you are inadvertently going to give away many indications that you are stoned. And so, the best thing is to just rush into your bedroom and sleep. You can make up a story about how tired or sick you are bla bla bla. Once the high fades away, you can wake up and go back to your goofy habits that annoy your parents.

7. Destroy the evidence

If you don’t want your parents to know that you are high, the last thing you want to be caught with is marijuana bud or smoking accessories. Leave it with your homies who have made it in life so that no one bothers with their marijuana habits. If you bring marijuana home, you might displace it, only to come home later to your mom holding it like a specimen, and demanding an explanation with her facial expression.

8. Have a plan and give your parents no reason to complain

If you don’t want to get caught, you must not robotically do things. You have to have a plan! For instance, if there’s an assignment that your parents expect you to finish, then finish it first before you rush to smoke marijuana. If your momma isn’t ranting about you, it’s easy to fly under the radar.

Meanwhile, work hard at school, get skills, and once you come of age, get your place so that you might smoke all the weed you ever wanted!

But some lucky bastards have stoner parents – imagine that!