Many people want to grow marijuana but they complain that they don’t have land… Surprise, surprise; you can grow marijuana without land. See that garage of yours? That’s enough!

When you convert your garage into an indoor grow facility, you can control every aspect of the environment, which is not the case if your plants are growing on a piece of land.

In this setup, you never depend on the natural weather, so, you can grow your plants 24/7. This enables you to make maximum use of your resources.

And then, what if you live in a state where marijuana is still illegal? If you plant weed in some open place, there’s the risk of getting caught and being embroiled in legal battles.

You only have to get a few things right, and you’ll be able to have a massive harvest with your indoor grow facility.

Prepare Your Garage

You don’t install grow equipment when your garage is in hellish disarray. You need to first get rid of all the broken pieces and debris and tidy the place up.

You must also design the place appropriately, knowing how various equipment and accessories will be positioned. Resist the urge of crowding equipment within a limited space.

Seal the windows to ensure that light doesn’t leak into the garage as it could ruin plant health. If dark sessions are interrupted by light, it could lead to the production of male flowers.

You will need to look at your plants closely, usually multiple times a day, and so, you need to cut out everything that would make the garage less accessible.

Ensure that you carry out your activities in a low-key fashion to avoid the attention of the outside world, especially your neighbors and visitors.

Essential Supplies and Accessories

Every indoor grow facility requires the following items:

1. Grow Tents

Grow tents are equipment made of fabric and poles, and they provide an artificial environment for the growth of your marijuana plants.

The grow tent needs to be heat-resistant. Temperature plays a critical role in how healthy the plant becomes. With too much heat, the plant could practically suffer burns.

It also needs to have reflective material around the walls. This reflective material helps with maximizing light and promoting photosynthesis.

There mustn’t be any gaps in the grow tent, and the tent needs to be light-tight. The best grow tents usually have overlapping Velcro flaps to seal the corners and minor cracks and holes.

The grow tent needs to have strong poles and fabric that supports the installation of supplies and accessories.

2. Grow lights

It’s perhaps the one factor with the biggest impact on the quality of your marijuana. You can’t afford to mess with the lighting. High-intensity discharge lights are usually recommended. HID lights are superior to fluorescent lights and they fetch a bigger price.

3. Grow medium

Are you growing in soil mix or hydroponics? Both of these mediums contain nutrients that improve the yield. Ideally, it’s best to stick with soil mixes as they aren’t as complicated (and demanding) as hydroponics. Soil mix uses smart pots that prevent overwatering and root binding.

4. Ventilation

Fresh air loaded with C02 needs to flow into the grow tent, and hot temperatures need to be controlled. Proper ventilation is appropriate for the health of the cannabis plant. Poor ventilation can lead to low-quality cannabis plants.

5. Carbon Filter

The plants will send up a strong marijuana scent that could soak throughout the facility. Some people don’t appreciate the whole place reeking of marijuana. The smell can even sell you out to busybodies who are curious about you. Invest in a carbon filter to trap the odor and purify it.

6. Automatic Watering System

Water is just as important as light in the growth of cannabis plants. Install an automatic watering system with irrigation ports and water catchment trays to avoid flooding and water loss.