CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound with numerous therapeutic benefits. It may be ingested in diverse ways, and one of these ways is through a CBD massage.

A CBD massage is not very different than a regular massage, but CBD massages are typically performed with CBD-infused massage oils.

Giving a CBD massage can be a great opportunity to draw close to your partner. You only need a few supplies, and the experience provides lasting emotional and physical benefits [1].

You can give your partner a CBD massage in the morning or at night, which can go a long way in sustaining your relationship.

Tips for Preparing Your CBD Massage Space

Receiving a CBD massage is not just about the actual massage. The first and most important thing is getting the mood and the ambiance right.

During a massage, you don’t want your partner to get distracted by things like traffic clatter, street music, and the noises of people in surrounding areas.

Unless you have a designated room for massages, the perfect area to give your partner a CBD massage is in the bedroom. Bedrooms are easy to customize for relaxation.

Clean up the room, make sure the temperature is right, and make sure there’s privacy so that pets or kids won’t barge in and find you in the middle of giving your partner a massage.

If you have a massage table, that’s perfect, but then you may improvise a comfortable, flat surface to perform the massage. Some of the areas you can use include a bed, the floor, or even a table. Put warm comfortable sheets on the massage area and a pillow where your partner may rest their head.

Place all the critical supplies near the massage area. Some of the critical supplies include CBD-infused massage oils and lotions; candles and towels.

If you’re looking to make things a little bit spicier, you may play some soft music, and dim down the lights.

CBD Massage for the Back

Our backs usually endure a lot of strain. This is whether we spend our days sitting before a computer or moving around or laboring.

A CBD massage for the back involves locating and kneading those back muscles and improving vertebral alignment to improve strength and good posture.

Take the correct position: assume a kneeling position beside your partner with a pillow beneath your knees for comfort.

CBD massage oil: pour the massage oil onto your palm and apply it onto their back with slow and measured strokes. Some areas will need lower pressure and some areas will need greater pressure.

The spine: massage the spine with circular motions and move down and up to make sure every part of their back is properly kneaded.

CBD Massage for the Legs

Correct position: assume a sitting position near your partner, and have them prop one of their legs across your thigh.

CBD massage oil: pour some CBD massage oil onto your palm, and rub it onto your partner’s leg with slow and firm movements.

Change strokes: you may use gliding movements or choppy strokes as you move up and down their legs. Reach to the underside of their thigh and knead as well.

Focus on feet: feet are usually subjected to enormous strain as they help us move around. Apply some CBD massage oil on your palm and carefully knead the ankles, the toes, and the space between the toes.

CBD Massage for the Arms and Stomach

This is performed as your partner lies on their back with a pillow propping their head. They may close their eyes, or you may lock eyes with them, as soft music plays in the background.

To massage the arms, you simply pick one arm and start riding your oiled palm up and down against the arm. You may linger at the joints and apply greater pressure.

To massage the stomach, you simply pour some CBD massage oil onto the stomach, and then you apply uniform massaging movements across the stomach.

Critical Tips for Performing CBD Massage on Your Partner

CBD massages are typically slow, and they leave one feeling mentally and physically elevated. The following are some critical tips on performing CBD massages:

Use correct massage techniques: when performing the massage, your hands should move lightly across your partner’s body. To remove muscle tension, you may apply slight pressure, and to stimulate circulation, you may need to apply deep strokes and firm pressure.

Pay more attention to the muscles: whether you’re massaging their neck, shoulders, or limbs, you should focus on the muscles, not the joints or bones. Trace the muscles and use steady and light strokes to massage them.

Regulate the pressure: certain parts require slight pressure while certain other parts require greater pressure. Understand which parts require a slight or deeper level of pressure.

Perform the massage slowly: if you perform the massage with unsteady quick movements, it may deny your partner the chance to fully relax. Don’t make it seem like you’re in a rush.

Communicate: especially if they’re recovering from a physical health problem, they can guide you into locating the body parts that require more kneading. Communicating with your partner during a massage also allows you to be sure that they are enjoying the experience.

What are the Mental and Physical Benefits of a CBD Massage?

Giving your partner a CBD massage can improve their physical and mental health in diverse ways like the following:

1. Relieves Anxiety

Maybe they struggle with a terrible workplace environment that occasionally causes them anxiety. A CBD massage is suggested to reduce anxiety symptoms and trigger a positive mindset [2]. CBD massages promote emotional stability and relaxation.

2. Improves Skin Health

Looks do matter, and people are going to glance at you and judge you, which is why having quality skin is an essential thing. But you also want to see your partner glow. And if they have a skin disorder, you want it gone. CBD may help with promoting skin health and it particularly helps with eliminating skin disorders [3].

3. Reduces Pain

Pain is one of the most uncomfortable sensations. It may be caused by an injury, an infection, or an autoimmune disease. But pain can severely limit your productivity. CBD is suggested to help with reducing pain and promoting calm. Thus, if your partner has pain problems, giving them a CBD massage would be helpful.

Aftercare Tips of a CBD Massage

By the time the CBD massage is over, your partner is elevated to the clouds. You should give your partner a CBD massage on such days when neither of you has a tight schedule. And so, after a CBD massage, you may spend time together doing fun things like watching movies or cooking your favorite meals. CBD massage is great for aiding calm and relaxation.

The Takeaway: CBD Massage for Your Partner

CBD is one of the popular health supplements in the wellness industry. Extensive studies may have not been performed on CBD, but anecdotal evidence indicates that CBD has numerous positive contributions. Giving your partner a CBD massage not only increases your intimacy levels but also promotes their physical and mental health.


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