How to Build A Marijuana Grow Box in Your Basement

If you don’t have a piece of land to grow cannabis on, you may as well put up marijuana grow box in your basement!

The entire process takes around sixty minutes, and you have a perfect indoor grow facility.

Many people grow cannabis indoors, for both domestic and commercial purpose, because of the following reasons:

  • Indoor grow facilities are more hygienic than outdoor settings
  • You have full climate control
  • Flexibility in growing seasons
  • Easy to keep your plants healthy and secure
  • Enhances creation of new strains

One of the best places to build a marijuana grow box is your basement; instead of letting it rot away under darkness, just make some touches and you have a cool indoor grow facility.

Why Choose the Basement for Building Marijuana Grow Box?

When you decide to grow cannabis in your house, it’s not fitting to grow it in the same room that you sleep in.

But you’d never go wrong with the basement; the basement is a neutral environment to manipulate and get maximum yield.

Why do most people go for it?

1. Secrecy

Cannabis is federally illegal, and in certain parts of the country, can be taboo. Being found with a grow facility in various states can have you challenged in court.

And so, until the house votes to decriminalize cannabis, many people have a valid reason for wanting to keep their grow boxes on the hush.

Apart from not wanting law enforcement to mark you, there’s also the risk of theft, which is why you may want to keep your facility as secret as can be.

Putting the facility in the basement, there’ll be no smell filling out your house, thus no suspicion from your neighbors.

2. Exhaust & noise

By setting up marijuana grow boxes, you fast track growth and harvesting, but the equipment will generate a next-level atmosphere.

You have to have a system of extracting the weed smell, of bringing in fresh air and disposing of stale air.

The exhaust is propped up on an outlet, typically a window, to keep the room habitable, and the basement is perfect.

Also, when the fans are whirring in your basement, it’s not the same as when they are whirring in one of your rooms; the noise would travel past walls and get your guests or neighbors to raise their eyebrows.

3. Risk

Let’s keep it real; you don’t wanna have a gazillion live wires lying around on the floor of your bedroom. What if your kid comes toddling around and its foot lands on a naked wire?

It’s best to have electrical wiring in your basement because it’s easier to monitor who descends their and avoid accidents.

An indoor grow facility discharges tons of heat, makes the air humid, and over time it can take a toll on your room.

What if You Don’t Have a Basement?

If you don’t have a basement, these are the other places you may set up your grow boxes:

  • The attic
  • The storeroom
  • The garage

Setting up a Marijuana Grow Box

As long as you have the basic supplies, you can set up the grow facility, and embellish it over time to maximize yield.

Step 1: Erect the Grow Tent

The grow tent provides a simulated environment for marijuana to grow. It has to be lightproof to maintain stability in light and darkness phases.

Depending on whether the plant is in the vegetative or flowering stage, it can get 12 to 18 hours of darkness, and 6 to 12 hours of darkness.

The grow tent also needs to be airtight because we don’t want the marijuana scent to leak out and glide its way across the house.

You may get an air extractor that sucks the weed smell and filters the air before disposing of it via the external outlet.

Step 2: Install the Grow Lights

Marijuana plants require high-intensity lighting all through. Make sure to get HID Grow Lights to promote maximum yield.

Step 3: Put down the fabric pots

Get big a size fabric pot; it’s where your marijuana plant will be anchored.

Space them accordingly.

Fill them out with top-notch potting mix.

Sink marijuana seeds in the potting mix.

Add the fertilizer depending on the strain you have planted.

High-Quality Indoor Grown Marijuana

All the equipment works synergistically to form a first-rate grow environment that enables you to cultivate throughout the year and reap maximum yield.

Things You Need to Build a Perfect Grow Box

  • Lightproof grow room
  • Air extracting machine
  • Fresh air supply system
  • Heating system
  • Air distribution system
  • Waterproof floors
  • Durable grow tents
  • Grow lights
  • Time switch

Automatic Indoor Grow Boxes

Fancy a readymade, done-for-you grow box? Try out the following companies:

Indoor marijuana grow boxes enable you to cultivate quality marijuana at any time of the year affordably.